Kim Kardashian, one of the most famous women in America, has recently appeared on the front cover of GQ magazine just sixth months after giving birth to her second child. She is completely naked in the picture apart from her huge rock diamond of a ring and a leather jack that is used to cover her private parts. Kim Kardashian is famous for quite simply being Kim Kardashian and her curvaceous figure has become iconic.

Married to singer and rapper Kanye West, the American beauty reveals to the public that she has been working hard to gain back her famous figure after giving birth to her second child, Saint West. The shoot was accompanied by an interview in which the famous mother-of-two reveals all on Kanye and Taylor Swift, her sisters and understanding her mother/father Caitlyn Jenner. The 35-year-old has shifted her post-baby-weight extremely quickly but of course she has help from personal trainers, personal chefs and life coach/momager Kris Jenner.

Kim Kardashian more covered than usual

Kim Kardashian’s figure is looking better than ever and we expect nothing less than to see it shown off in a revealing nude shoot...Kim Kardashian style. The famous businesswoman is lucky to have a team of makeup artists who constantly ensure the celeb is looking beautiful, in this shoot however, the makeup she wears is refreshingly minimalistic and tame. Kim is used to doing naked shoots and will always share the results on her social media pages; her sexy curves promote a healthy body shape to women and encourage girls over the world to embrace their curves and wide hips.

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Reality TV Kim Kardashian

This particular photograph is slightly more tasteful than some of the other shoots the star has done as we have seen photos a lot more revealing than this before.

One of the things that is different for Kim Kardashian to other stars and celebs that we read about is that she makes her money from sharing her life with us, we watch episodes of her daily family life and are made to feel as though we see into her private life and see what happens in her life on a daily basis.

Though this is very intriguing for readers and fans of the millionaire, it does mean that Kim does not have the luxury of asking to have privacy, as her career is built around the lack of.

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