Katie Holmes has apparently been datingJamie Foxx since 2013 but there has never been official confirmation from either individual of their relationship. The rumors started at the 4th annual Apollo in the Hamptons in 2013 when they were photographed dancing together and being intimate.

Jamie Foxx denied the rumours when he insinuated that it was all tabloid rumours and that the two were “just friends”, he said “Oh come on, you guys have been trying to get that to stick for three years”, and put their apparent closeness down to the fact they were working on projects together. However, in January 2016 the relationship rumors escalated to rumours of engagement when Holmes was seen wearing a ring on her engagement finger.

Katie Holmes dating Jamie Foxx who is 11 years older than her

Katie Holmes, 37, and Jamie Foxx, 48 are now said to have tied the knot in Hawaii over the weekend. There hasn’t been any confirmation of the event but one of Katie’s friends said that she had “always dreamed of a tropical wedding”.

The ex ‘Dawson’s Creekactress was previously married to Actor Tom Cruise, but she filed for divorce in June of 2012 after a five-year marriage. Holmes and Cruise have a daughter together Suri who is now 10. When the couple divorced it was agreed that Tom Cruise would pay a divorce settlement of $400,000 a year until his daughter turns 18, this money is aimed at covering his daughter’s medical and educational expenses.

Jamie Foxx (whose real name is Eric Marlon Bishop) also has children from previous relationships; he has two daughters; one called Corinne who is 22 and other called Annalise who is only 7.

The rumors surrounding the famous actors seem to be very contradictory as some of the stars’ friends deny the rumors whereas others confirm them, several sources have told magazines that the two are dating and have been for years, and that it is not a secret among their friends.

One source that definitely confirmed that the two were in a relationship was Jamie Foxx’s friend Claudia Joran who spilled the beans on the two saying that “Jamie and Katie are very happy together.” Hopefully someday soon either Katie or Jamie will finally confirm the rumors or put them to bed for good.

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