Kate Winslet is on a hot streak at the moment, she has been nominated for an Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards for her performance in Steve Jobs and has now signed on to feature in Woody Allen’s latest movie which will apparently be released in 2017. Woody Allen has been subject to a lot of debate recently as there were rumors that he abused his daughter, yet it does not seem to be putting A-list stars off working with him, despite that what he produces gets mixed reviews and will probably lead to uncomfortable questions in Cannes next summer.

Kate Winslet turned down a role in his 2005 movie ‘Match Point’

The British actress has worked with many directors and producers before but this project will be her first time working with 80-year-old American filmmaker Woody Allen. She did however turn down a role in Match Point back in 2005, which was a comedy psychological thriller. The confirmation of Kate Winslet’s involvement in the new project comes from Variety who announced her as the latest addition to the director’s cast to star in his 47th feature.

As usual Allen will not only be writing but will also be directing, and producing, as he is well known to do. Very little details of the movie- such as the plot and title- have been released but there is no doubt that some fans will be split as to whether to go and see it or not.

This is due to the fact that there are several allegations against Allen at the moment, some even made by family members, he is alleged to have sexual assaulted his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow. It was Allen’s partner Mia Farrow who made the allegations that Woody had molested their daughter, despite Dylan herself denying that she had been molested by her adopted father.

Regardless of the rumors and accusations, Woody Allen is still one of the most industrious filmmakers around, his recent movie Café Society had its debut in Cannes and was his 46th cinematic project. Though Café Society had a large number of viewers, many branded the movie as not being memorable and not one of his best works.

Kate Winslet would have a top role in Woody’s new project and apparently the shooting will start later this year.

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