The Kardashians recently celebrated Khloe’s 32nd birthday with a big Kardashian/Jenner style party, one of the attendees was Rob Kardashian’s pregnant fiancée Blac Chyna who up until now has caused a lot of controversy with the family. At Khloe’s birthday however, it seemed like the whole family finally accepted her as a future part of their family, they were seen snapchatting and taking selfies together, looking very amicable.

Various members of the reality TV family have expressed anger towards the way in which Blac Chyna was introduced to the family, they claim to have felt as though they were the last ones to be told not only about Rob and Blac Chyna’s engagement, but also about her pregnancy. Yet the famous women appear to have put that all behind them and were all smiles for the dozens of photos they took at the celebration which would then be shared on their social media sites.

Kardashian future member Blac Chyna calls Kris Jenner ‘Mama’

The feud between the women in Rob’s life was very public but the bitterness has now disappeared as Chyna was a guest of honour at Khloe’s party. Blac shared a photo on Instagram of her posing with Kris Jenner, which she captioned ‘So much fun (-heart emoji-) with Mama @krisjenner’.

The 60-year-old momager Kris had previously said that she thought that Chyna “seemed like a really nice girl” but it wasn’t until recently that they actually got to know each other and finally form a bond.

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Kim Kardashian felt she had to take sides when Kylie started dating Tyga

Blac Chyna posted selfies of her and the famous sisters, she posted one of her and Kim doing a silly post with a ‘lips’ prop and captioned the photo “Hey Girlllllll @kimkardashian”. Kim and Chyna used to be best friends but their friendship deteriorated when the dating situation became awkward between Tyga, Kylie, Blac Chyna and Rob. Kim admitted that she felt like she had to take Kylie’s side when she started dating Tyga but that she did feel uncomfortable with how she treated Blac.

Rob looked really happy to finally see all of the important women in his life making an effort with his pregnant fiancée and to see that they were finally getting on.

Blac Chyna wasn’t the only one to post evidence of the rekindled friendship on social media, Kim Kardashian also posted on Instagram, she posted a video of mini-clips from the evening, in which she and Chyna looked like close friends are were laughing and joking together.

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