Kanye West, the rapper known for his provocativeart and music, is making headlines again for what is arguably his most scandalous music video yet. Almost immediately after the premiere of the video for his song 'Famous,' the internet was saturated with pictures and screen shots of a particularly bizarre scene, which featured West laying in a bed with what appeared to be the nude likenesses of stars Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Rihanna, George Bush, Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, Ray J, Amber Rose, Bill Cosby, Anna Wintour, and his wife Kim Kardashian. The likenesses,which are shown sleeping around West on an oversized bed with white sheets, are so recognizable in the video that some are questioning whether they might actually be the stars themselves.

West had previously claimed that all the Celebrities in the video were real, but also tweeted on Saturday about being sued over the depictions."[The video] leaves you guessing as to which of the celebrities are playing themselves and which are presumably only there by the grace of some advanced prosthetic wizard," added an article inVanity Fairafter the video's premiere. Most of the personalities featured in the video have yet to comment.

Stars react to their naked depictions

Among thefew celebrities that have commented on the music video are Chris Brown, who tweeted a screenshot of the bed scene with the caption "Why I gotta have the plumbers butt/crack showing WAX figure?This n----a KANYE CRAZY, talented, but crazy." Brown is shown between Taylor Swift and his famous ex-girlfriend Rihanna, who Brown was arrested for abusing in 2009.

Spokespeople for George Bush declined to comment, minus adding that the person in the video was 'not him.' Representatives for Cosby and Jenner have also declined to comment, and most of the other celebrities have yet to respond at all. West had already faced controversy regarding 'Famous' before the video premiered because of a lyric referring to Taylor Swift that reads "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why?

I made that b**** famous." Swift has expressed anger over the lyric, and even took a stab at Kanye during her 2016 Grammy acceptance speech. Both West and his wife claim that Taylor had approved the lyric while the song was still being produced.

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