Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's divorce is creating division in Hollywood. In the latest news, Winona Ryder is defending the Pirates of the Carribean actor, saying that he is not an abusive type of person.

Winona Ryder takes Johnny Depp's Side.

In an interview with Time Magazine, Johnny Depp's once four-year girlfriend to whom he was engaged, Winona Ryder, talkedabout the allegations that his wife has against him.

During the interview, Winona claims that she only speaks from her own experience. She goes on saying that he was never ever like that with her, which is totally different from what he is being accused of.

The Edward Scissorhands alum also adds that he is truly a loving, caring, and good guy who is overprotective of his loved ones. She was only 17 when their relationship began in 1990after they met at the 1989 premiere of Great Balls of Fire! She then recounts that their breakup was the "first heartbreak" and "first real breakup" she experienced.

However, she had to deal with it while she was at the peak of her fame. The 44-year-old star recalls the feeling. She was completely lost but then she could not complain about anything because she was lucky.

Vanessa Paradis also defends Depp.

Meanwhile, it is not only Winona Ryder who leaped to defend her ex-beau, Johnny Depp. There also is Vanessa Paradis with whom the actor has two children, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, and John Christopher Depp III.

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They were together for 14 years, and the mother of his children says that he was a sensitive and loving person. In all the years she has known him, she claims that Johnny Depphas never been physically abusive towards her. And going by Amber Heard's allegations, Paradis says that he is nothing like theman she has lived with for 14 long years.

The past and the future.

The string of defenses by Paradis, Ryder, and even Lori Anne Allison, the first wife of the Cry-Baby star, seems to be strengthening the pattern of his character against the one that his current wife is accusing him of.

Therefore, with this defense on Depp's side, how does this affect Amber Heard in the issue of her divorce from the 53-year-old actor? Will this also affect the legal battle between the couple? It seems that only time will tell.

The media seems to tally up the experiences of the actor's ex's but their stories do not convey his innocence. In the meantime, Johnny Deppis keepingmum regarding the divorce issue with his second wife Amber Heard.

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