Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most beautiful women in the world and is well known for her quirky personality and strange sense of humour. Jennifer Lawrence has worked with Liam Hemsworth on several occasions and the two actors have been friends for quite a while now. She has apparently asked Liam Hemsworth some strange and embarrassing questions over time. The ‘Hunger Games’ actress apparently once asked Liam if he liked making love with kangaroos! It seems she would come out with weird and random questions for her co-star before a take in order to loosen the mood and make her fellow actor laugh.

Jennifer Lawrence is famous for not taking herself too seriously and we now learn that she is the same during filming, something that does not come as a surprise. Her ‘Hunger Games’ co-star revealed on the Graham Norton Show that Jennifer would always come out with something unexpected and that he never knew what was going to come out of her mouth. Graham Norton went on to jokily ask the actor what the answer was to Jennifer’s question of “Do you like making love to kangaroos?” to which Liam responded “Absolutely!

That’s what Australians do!”

Jennifer Lawrence is sexy AND funny

Not only is Jennifer Lawrence one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood, she is also one of the most entertaining and funny Celebrities to watch in interviews or to read articles about. The star is no stranger to embarrassing stories and is constantly admitting to embarrassing things that she has done. It is refreshing to see a celebrity in the public eye who does not try to take themselves too seriously or who tries to pretend that they are perfect.

Jennifer Lawrence does quite the opposite; she is a clumsy, badly coordinated Hollywood star who has fans falling in love with her no matter what she does. She admits that she is a messy eater, that she has fallen over multiple times and that she often makes inappropriate remarks when she is nervous. Lawrence is probably one of the most relatable Hollywood actresses and no doubt this is why so many people love her.

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