As two of the biggest stars in the world, time and time again Beyonce and Rihanna capture theirattention with their beauty and catchy tunes. Although both superstars predominantly have the same fan base and are signed under Roc Nation, with songs that continuously top the charts, Rihanna and Beyonce are very different.

How different are they?

Rihanna's edgy image creates a youthful fun sound with a more rebellious demeanor which anyone can relate to.

Beyonce, on the other hand, provides a conservative flawless stance that often comes off as untouchable. Her music describes personal experiences in a serious persona. Fanslove thatbecause it feels as if we’ve developed a personal bond with the singer. Over the years audiences have raised questions like; why haven't the two collaborated on any songs together?


This is extremely strange especially since they both consecutively sell platinum albums that always seem to crash the Internet.

So far in 2016, Rihanna has released a platinum selling album that held the number one spot with her single "Work" for weeks in February. Almost a week later Beyonce gained the spotlight with her controversial Super Bowl performance, introducing us to her single "Formation," which eventually was followed by the platinum video album Lemonade. Although the two are competing against one another in this industry battle for popular, it's unusual that the pair has almost never engaged each other at all.

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Rumors of an affair.

Rumors of an affair between Rihanna and Jay Z are suggested as the reason behind this lack of the intermingling among the two. If this Is this true, we'll never know because the relationship between HOV and Bey has always been fairly private.Years before Rihanna became such a dominant force,there was no comparing the two, because Rihanna's fans were not close in numbers to Beyonce's.

However as Rihanna developed this popular image with great songs to match she's proven to be aserious competitor to Queen Bey's throne. In order to remain on top, I believe Beyonce will have to eventually collaborate with the Princess. I alongside the rest of the entertainment world am anxiously waiting the day that the two divas collaborate.

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