The science fiction genre is in the golden age. Technology has finally reached a point where it can present grand storylines with realistic CGI. However, Hollywood is still borrowing from classic cinematic sci-fi films and literature and revamping them using these new tools. Case in point, HBO has unveiled the trailer for it's latest show, Westworld. It's a remake of a 1973 Yul Brynner (The Ten Commandments) film of the same name.

The original Jurassic Park

Not many people are familiar with the original Westworld, but the concept was brilliant for its time.

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It was about a futuristic theme park that had three worlds that visitors could explore. Medieval World was set in medieval Europe, Roman World was set in Pompeii B.C. and Westworld was in the American Old West.

Each world featured lifelike androids that looked just like humans and the guests could interact with them by challenging them to a duel/sword fight or even have sex with them. Essentially, the concept of the park was Disney World meets Sin City.

In the original film, Brynner played an android gunslinger in Westworld, but things took a odd turn when the pseudo humans began malfunctioning and wreak havoc on the guests, even killing some of them. Obviously, you would expect nothing less from a theme park imagined by Michael Crichton, the same man who introduced viewers to Jurassic Park.  Needless to say, with a plot like that, special effects really aren't necessary. All that is needed are period costumes, set pieces, and brilliant acting.

A futuristic reboot

However, HBO decided that this concept was far too ingenious to just make another film out of it, so they made an entire series.

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The new cast includes Anthony Hopkins (Thor), Thandie Newton (Crash), Ed Harris (A Beautiful Mind) and Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler).

In the trailer, the show cuts back and forth between the futuristic present world and the theme park's world, so you see each character with different clothing, hair and in separate time settings. If this concept sounds familiar, it should. J.J. Abrams is the producer and he's already explored this concept in Lost and two of the writers from that show (Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis) have duplicated the concept on Once Upon A Time.

From the looks of the trailer, the series plans to explore the psychology of the androids. They are unaware that they are not human and that their existence is fabricated. Obviously, this is going to cause the audience to feel sympathy for them when they start killing innocent people.

Making an educated guess from the trailer, Hopkins' role appears to be the doctor who is given charge of the sentient beings while Harris steps into Brynner's shoes. The new Westworld is set to open on television screens across the nation in August 2016.