While fans wait for Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy, it’s certain that Ellen Pompeo recently signed a contract to continue her role as Dr. Meredith Grey.

Meredith Gray was one of the first characters we encountered on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Her story and her personality from season 1 to season 12 changed a lot. This analysis of Meredith contains spoilers. Meredith’s life has always been complicated since season 1 when she meets Derek, because Derek was, at the beginning, married. Derek has always known that Meredith is the right woman to him, although both were harshly tested by life.

Meredith has always faced great challenges: in 8 season Meredith was dismissed from Seattle Grace Hospital by Richard.

At the beginning of the 9th season, Meredith is appointed as chief of general surgery and at the end Meredith finally gives birth to the little Derek. In season 11 she learns of another sister. In season 12 Meredith moves on from Derek's tragic death. Then a patient stabs Meredith and leaves her badly wounded, slowly recovering both, in body and spirit. Meanwhile Meredith even started dating again with an attractive, doctor Riggs. The relationship between them will consolidate during season 13.

In the last episode of season 12, Meredith thinks that she likes Riggs and that he likes her back. There are also rumors about a future marriage. For sure there will be some twists, but Derek was Meredith’s first love and fans will remember that, too.

April and Jackson’s plans

In season 12 finale we saw Jackson and April being the parents of a baby. However, the couple had finalized their divorce papers. In season 13 their complicated relationship will go on, and they will be yet a couple. But it isn’t going to be easy because with the presence of Catherine.

He believes that whatever Catherine does is to the best of him

Owen and Amelia have a baby?

In season 13, after their honeymoon, Amelia and Owen are interested in enlarging their family with a baby. Before Amelia becomes Owen’s wife, she feared that Owen’s only true love was Cristina. Amelia’s hopes that a child could be behind her reasons for moving in with Meredith and her children in season 12.

On the contrary, one character that won’t be returning is Dr. Callie Torres. Indeed the creator of Grey's Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes has thought to explain her absence by her move to New York to be with her girlfriend, Penny.

Shonda Rhimes mentioned that there will be a better new season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy.

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