George Clooney’s company Smokehouse Pictures is known for producing films such as The Idea of March, The Momuments Men and The Men Who Stare at Goats, however, it is now forecast to produce a TV series together with the makers of the Netflix series Making a Murderer which aired on Netflix in 2015.

The series will center around the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and will be based on the research of reporter Steven Brill who released a series of 15 articles on the scam in The Huffington Post, in 2015.

Clooney will be joined by Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos who will aid in the production and direction of the series. Ricciardi and Demos have previous experience with TV series, Making a Murdereris a series they released in December 2015 on the Netflix platform and was a 10 part series. The America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker series will be Ricciardi and Demos’ second project. Ricciardi commented on their involvement saying that “what we’re really taking on in the series is the role of truth and justice in the American criminal justice system.”

George Clooney’s new series 'America's Most Admired Lawbreaker' is based on a real story

The new series will be based on the true story of how Johnson & Johnson manipulated customers with an antipsychotic drug that they created and then sold, primarily to the young and the e

lderly. The pair gained huge financial success from the drug as they did not inform their buyers of the serious side effects, so many people thought it only had benefits. Despite the company having to pay out $2 billion in settlements and penalties the company altogether sold $30 billion worth of the drug worldwide and so still gained massively from the scandal.

The production of the series will be carried out by George Clooney’s company Smokehouse Pictures, is an independent studio of which the Hollywood star owns half.

The production will be aided by Demos and Ricciardi who will assist in the direction, the pair are used to working hard on projects, Making a Murderer was something that they worked on for 10 years and started whilst they were still students at film school.

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