Geordie Shore has just started its twelfth season on MTV and is one of the most talked about young people’s programs. Many people criticize the TV series and don’t seem to like it, but the fact remains that ‘Geordie Shore’ is one of the most watched programs by youths and adults.

Geordie Shore is now on season 12

The show is now on its twelfth season on the MTV channel, and there is no sign of the viewing figures declining. The reality show first aired in 2011 in the UK and for those not familiar with how the show works, it involves a group of guys and girls living under one roof in a ‘Big Brother’ style house for several weeks.

The group experience differences of opinion and have endless arguments, but unlike ‘Big Brother’ they are actually allowed outside of the house, they have to ‘work’ a few days a week and there are no limits to their evening antics. As a result, alcohol is in constant supply, the language used is rather um… ‘Eccentric’ and ‘romantic’ relationships develop and intertwine the young reality stars.

Fans of the show will recognise the names Vicky, Charlotte, Gary, Holly, Scott, Kyle and many others who in turn have joined and then left the show. Some of the members of the show have even gone on to have their own careers outside of ‘Geordie Shore’.

Geordie Shore is vulgar and we love it

‘Geordie Shore’ received very mixed reviews from the public, from; criticism of being vulgar, highly limited levels of culture, to limited concerns for the outside world.

One of the show’s biggest obsessions is ‘fake tan’ which each and every one of them seem to obsess over, always wanting it to be perfect, yet very often looking far from! On top of this their main ambition seems to be to party until there is only one man standing. The show is full of scenes on relationships, jealousy, arguments between friends and just arguments in general.

The program is followed by a large fan-base, it is very popular with viewers, but why? There might be a possible explanation.

Geordie Shore lets us ‘switch off’ and disconnect from real-life responsibilities

One of the reasons the show is so popular might be because it provides the viewers with an ‘escape’, it includes freedom of expression, doesn’t deal with many real-world problems and has saucy content.

It is a program that allows us to switch off and temporarily forget our responsibilities. In other words it is trash TV that requires no thinking, no problem solving and no focus whatsoever.

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