Now that Kristina is back on General Hospital she has a new man in her life. There is something going on with Aaron, and everyone wants to know what it is and why he is acting so strange. They met at the mental hospital where her brother Morgan is staying, but Aaron was just there visiting a family member, too. Now there is a lot of speculation about what could be going on with Aaron. It doesn't really look like he was a patient at the hospital, but something is suspicious about this guy. 

Could Aaron be an undercover cop?

Celeb Dirty Laundry shared a pretty good reason that Aaron could be acting the way that he is on the show.

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Speculation is that he could be an undercover cop. He is making it obvious that he is interested in the Corinthos' business, but just the legal ones. When it came time to have sex with Kristina, he made it pretty obvious that he didn't want to do it, but made up an excuse.

Sometimes during an undercover case, a cop would kiss the girl, but not take it to that level. 

This would make it easy for him to find out all about Sonny Corinthos and even Julian if he is an undercover cop. Kristina is a gorgeous girl that would totally think he wanted to date her, but he could have an alternative motive. 

Could he want to be in the mob?

The only other option that really makes sense is that Aaron wants to be in the mob. He might think that getting close to Sonny's daughter could be an in for him. She also happens to be the step-daughter of Julian Jerome. Depending on which way he wants to go, Kristina could help him join the mob either way.

It really does look like Aaron being an undercover cop is the idea that makes the most sense. Only time will tell what is going on, but it is obvious that Aaron is up to something, and everyone wants to know exactly what is going on with him. 

What do you think the story is with Kristina's new boyfriend, Aaron? Do you think that something is going on with him? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of General Hospital weekdays on ABC.