I think we can all agree that the latest episode and also the season finale of Season 6 was one that we will remember for some time. There are scenes of devastation, of heartbreak and of renewed loyalty. While this was without a shadow of a doubt Cersei’s episode there was the huge revelation of who Jon Snow’s mother was. But if anything makes this episode great, it is the musical score that was written for it. In the scene where Cersei’s grand plan to defy the High Sparrow’s trial by using the Mad King’s stores of Wildfire to destroy the Great Sept, the musical score really highlights the gravity of the situation.

The music was so on point that before the plot is revealed, the audience, who by this point is captivated, knows that something big is afoot.

Well thought out plan.

A well thought out plan to destroy all those who could oppose Cersei. Grand Maester Pycelle and Lancel Lannister are killed in a way that is sure to not be forgotten anytime soon. From the repeated stabbing of Pycelle by children to Lancel’s single stab wound to the back, these events happen as the beautiful Margaery realizes that she and everyone else is in a terrible trap. Despite trying to warn the High Sparrow, he, in disbelief refuses to let anyone go.


The consequences of this inability to understand the consequences of Cersei’s refusal to appear at her trial become clear, with images of the wounded Lancel trying to crawl his way to stop the Wildfire from igniting – in vain.

The resultant explosion destroys not only the Great Sept but much of the surrounding city. However, seeing Cersei crowned queen in the aftermath of her son, King Tommen, throwing himself off a ledge, brings images of what the Mad King must have looked like. Especially, when we see Jamie Lannister looking on.

One can’t help and try to guess at what he is thinking, will he add Queenslayer as a new title before long.

Johnn Snow.

Yet, the grand revelation of how the baby Jon Snow was brought into this world may have stolen some of Cersei’s thunder. We see how Jon’s mother is in fact,Lyanna – Ned Stark’s sister.

Therefore, his actual father is actually Rhaegar Targaryen. It is revealed that Ned Stark takes him in as his own son because “Robert would kill him.” This revelation becomes more interesting when Jon Snow is proclaimed the new King in the North with all except Littlefinger cheering him on. We all know why Littlefinger wouldn’t be happy because he wants the Iron Throne for himself and with Sansa at his side. Yet Jon Snow's crowning is not with difficulty as Davos discovers and then explains to him how Melisandre killed Shireen. However, instead of executing her as Davos insists, Jon Snow banishes her, most likely because he owed her his life. The question is, what will she do now?

Triple whammy.

This amazing episode ends with a triple whammy. First , Arya serving Walder Frey his sons in a pie before slitting his throat. Second, a new alliance forged by Varys between the Tyrells, Dornish, and Daenerys Targaryen. Finally, Daenerys sets sail for Westeros with a huge fleet that she acquired in the previous episode.

Season 7 interesting.

Season 7 proves to be an interesting season where Daenerys will face down Queen Cersei. Winter has come, so how will Jon Snow and the Black Watch deal with the terrifying army of the dead. On who’s side will Jon Snow be, Daenerys’s or Cersei’s? Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait a year to find out.

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