Expect the unexpected in the Realm

Is another huge "Game of Thrones" death about to go down? According to the latest spoilers, it seems that Cersei may go off the deep end in the Season 6 finale, which airs on Sunday night.Everyone wants to know what will happen, and who will die in the "Game of Thrones" Season 6 finale, and one of the best bets to lose their life is King Tommen. Tommen, who is the only living child of Cersei Lannister, seems to be at the top of the death list, and fans don't seem to mind if the reigning king falls.

Since becoming king, Tommen has changed drastically. What once was a king and sweet boy, who seemed to only want to rule with an open heart and kindness, has been replaced by a king who has let others influence his biggest decisions.Now, everyone wants to know if Cersei will be forced to kill her own son once her trial takes place. Since Tommen has outlawed trial by combat, Cersei will have to face the music the old fashioned way, and it likely won't be a good outcome for the Queen Mother.


However, "Game of Thrones" fans have a theory that Cersei could be planning something crazy, and it involves the use of wildfire. As many viewers will remember, Cersei was stockpiling wildfire in a past season, and it was that wildfire that helped win the Battle of the Black Water. However, Cersei may want to use the wildfire for a very different reason this time, and that is to destroy King's Landing if things don't go her way during the trial.

In the previous episode of "Game of Thrones," fans heard Tyrion tell Daenerys that his brother Jaime was forced to murder the Mad King because he planned to burn down King's Landing using wildfire. Will Cersei become the Mad Queen and follow in his footsteps, killing Tommen in the process? If so, will Jaime Lannister be forced to kill his own sister, Cersei, whom he loves more than life itself?

Although episode 9 is being considered one of the best of all-time, "Game of Thrones" viewers are looking for the Season 6 finale to be equally as shocking.

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