In this article, there are six key predictions that could happen in the last episode 10 of GOT. Be careful: this article contains spoilers.

1.Jaime Lannister may become the hero of GOT

We all know Queen Cersei isn’t innocent so she will do anything for her offspring, including waging wars and burning cities to protect Tommen. Indeed we will see Cersei Lannister lead "Game of Thrones" Season 6 Episode 10 to a fiery triumph. Jaime will stop Cersey, the Mad Queen from harming King's Landing.

But King Tommen will die. Some theories believe that he will be thrown out of the window in an attempt to escape the flames. In this way, the Tommen' demise would leave a void in the Seven Kingdoms.


Following succession’ line of Robert Baratheon, we find Tywin Lannister. Since Tywin is dead, the rightful heir would be Jaime Lannister. Since Jaime was removed from the Kingsguard, he should be legitimized to conquer the Iron Thone

2. Daenerys Targaryen and Ellaria Sand

After Daenerys has forged an alliance with the Greyjoys siblings, she finally has a means to get her armies to King's Landing. Daynees has always said that she wants to become the queen of the Seven Kingdoms but the only way to get the throne is by force. Indeed we know that Aerys II Targaryen erased the succession rights for Daynees Targaryens and other descendants. Of course, Varys is traveling to Dorne to forge an alliance between Daenerys and Ellaria Sand. The Martells have long been allied to the Targaryens and they would fight the Lannisters, for revenge of the murder of Elia Martell by The Mountain.

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3. A new alliance with Littlefinger

Littlefinger wants to take Sansa's hand in marriage, probably because she's the exact replica of her dead mother Catelyn. We know Littlefinger is an enigmatic character, sometimes an enemy and sometimes a friend of the Starks. So Littlefinger is not to be trusted, but after the death of Ramsay, there’s a bit of a power vacuum in the North. Sansa and Jon are going to try to fill it. For this reason, although they know that Littlefinger is a danger, they could accept the marital union. However, overtures have already been made towards an alliance between Sansa and her cousin Robin Arryn.

4. A few Tyrells will die.

Several Tyrells including Loras and Mace will die during the events of episode 10. The first character of death probability is Loras. Loras is a broken man. The dopey Tyrell patriarch, Mace, will probably die too. Meanwhile, Margaery is hoping for that rebellion in King’s Landing. She is waiting for the best moment to strike. Some fan theories are that the Mountain will kill Septa Unella

5. Melisandre will be put on trial

Cersei may not be the only woman on trial the final episode.

Another woman - Melisandre must pay for her crimes. She was responsible for Shireen's death. For this reason, Davos isn’t happy with Melisandre. So by the law of the land, she definitely deserves to die. By the law of Jon Snow, she could be saved. Jon is not inclined to kill, and he left Ramsey alive. He's changed greatly since he left Winterfell to go to the Night's Watch.

6.The end of the Freys and Lannister’s friendship

In 10 episode of season 6 of GOT, the Freys will be making themselves at home in Riverrun. In video trailer we see Walder Frey toasts the alliance, between the Freys and the Lannisters. This sentence will appear arrogant to Jaime, who stated his admiration for the Blackfish. So The Lannister and Freys' friendship will be coming to an abrupt end. According to Reddit theories, Arya Stark, after killing the Wailf, reaches Westeros with her new target. Arya will approach Walder Frey and she will insert Needle squarely into his heart. It isn’t difficult for Arya goes in the Frey's castle at The Twins. We know that she hates Cersey much as Walder Frey.  She will kill the old and cruel Walder approaching him with a new face, perhaps the Fray waitress. Walder Frey will die in his house as well as Tywin and Roose Bolton were both killed in their own houses