After the jaw-dropping Game of Thronesseason 6 finale David Benioff and Daniel "D.B." Weiss released a very interesting interview to Deadline in which they talked about Arya and Jaime, Cersei's future, the Night's King, Ramsay Bolton and other characters and topics. Here are their juiciest revelations about Game of Thrones6x10 and GOT season 7.

The Arya and Jaime scene.

Was the disguised Arya targeting Jaime at the Twins before killing Walder Frey?

David Benioff explained that her target in that scene is Walder Frey: Jaime isn't on her list, but since he's there as well, they took "an opportunity for misdirection." Arya in the scene is obviously thinking if she can get a two for one on that deal (since Jaime is a Lannister), but in the end, that doesn't happen and the Young Stark kills her original target.

Is the Night's King a real villain?


Weiss explained that he doesn't think of the Night's King "as a villain as much as, Death". He's not human anymore, explains Weiss, there is no choice between evil and good for him, he's death "coming for all of us", he's a force of destruction.

About Cersei in season 7.

Cersei killed hundreds of people in GOT 6x10 and everyone is wondering if she lost her mind, since she also caused Tommen's suicide.

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Game Of Thrones

Weiss pointed out during the interview that much of the next season is going to be about her mindset. "Who is she without her children?". Weiss remarked that we will know the answer in the next season.

About how the Others will break through the Wall.

Benioff carefully chose his words to talk about how the White Walkers will face "the Wall problem". He reminded us that what is laid out clearly in season 6 is that the Wall "isn't just a physical structure".

The Wall contains spells that prevents the dead from passing through it, nonetheless "if the Wildlings managed to make it over", Benioff hinted, "and the Night's King has so much more in the way of both power and troops who’ll do literally anything he says…"

Iwan Rheon made a wonderful work.

After Ramsay Bolton's death, we're not going to see actor Iwan Rheon anymore. Benioff said that Rheon is a great actor and that he's not going to play only bad guys in his career.

Weiss revealed that he went down to the very end in the auditions for Jon Snow's role, adding that he "put a little spin on every [Ramsay's] line". He did a great work keeping Ramsay "interesting the whole way".

The Big Finale.

David Benioff explained that since they're talking about the ending from the beginning, they have many ideas that "have grown organically" over the past 6 years. The showrunner also added that since they have known the end for quite some time, they are "hurtling towards it".

Another confirm that the end game is approaching and that each episode of season 7 and 8 will probably be a moving and action-packed one.

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