A new theory about Game of Thrones season 6 claims that Varys is going to betray Daenerys Targaryen after leaving Meereen. Although it's an interesting hypothesis, we think we have a better theory. Be careful: spoilers may follow!

Varys will betray Daenerys?

Reddit user Ariskov recently pointed out that

  • Varys always said that he serves the realm.
  • He didn't like the deal Tyrion made with Kinvara, the red priestess.
  • The fact he left Meereen just before the slaver's attack looks suspicious.
  • Since he's a spy master, he should have been aware of the incoming attack.

This theory's strongest point is the fact that Varys knew nothing about the attack and left just before the slaver's fleet's assault to Meereen.

This actually looks suspicious, but we can speculate that Varys' spying network in Essos isn't as good as it was in King's Landing, and we can also speculate that the Masters ordered the attack as soon as they were back in their cities after their meeting with Tyrion, leaving no time to Varys' little birds to warn him.


Why this theory is probably wrong.

Why would Varys betray Daenerys? He serves the realm, but he openly plotted against Cersei in King's Landing helping Tyrion to escape death and he always appeared convinced that Daenerys will be a great ruler. He has no reason to betray Daenerys since she's the only one who can decently rule the Seven Kingdoms at the moment.

Varys is probably going to Dorne.

Here's our theory about what is going to happen: Varys is actually going to seek allies in Westeros and Dorne seems the best place to go ashore: the Dornish have a fleet and a powerful army, they hate the Lannisters and are looking for revenge (not to mention that Elia Martell was married to Rhaegar Targaryen).

The possible Martell-Targaryen alliance in The Winds of Winter.

Be careful: spoilers on The Winds of Winter will follow.

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In the Arianne Martell's chapter from The Winds of Winter released in May 2016 we saw the heir to the Dornish throne travelling through Westeros to meet Aegon VI Targaryen and Jon Connington (in the books Tyrion meets in Essos a boy who claims to be Aegon son of Rhaegar, the baby supposed to be dead after the Sack of King's Landing during the Robert Baratheon's rebellion).

In Arianne's chapter from TWOW, after Aegon conquered Griffin's Roost in Westeros, Arianne is sent by his father to meet Aegon and Connington to decide if Dorne will join the Aegon's rebellion or not. This is a big hint, in our opinion, of a possible Martell-Targaryen alliance in the show. Moreover, in A Dance With Dragons, Quentyn Martell son of Doran meets Daenerys Targaryen in Meereen, and the dragon queen tells him that one day, she will come to Westeros and look to Dorne for help.

We will probably know the truth about Varys' mission in Game of Thrones season 6 episode 10, which airs on June 26 on HBO.