In the next episodes of Game of Thrones season 6 we will see the most-awaited Battle of the Bastards between Jon and Sansa's army and Ramsay Bolton's soldiers, but we believe that the real epicness will come with Daenerys and the Battle of Meereen. Be careful, spoilers may follow!

The huge Meereen's battle in the books: dragons, mercenaries and Greyjoys

The huge battle also known as Second Siege of Meereen takes place (in A Song of Ice and Fire book series) after queen Daenerys flies away on his dragon Drogon.

The Slaver Alliance siege the city and Barristan Selmy, Hand of the Queen (he's still alive in the books!), lead the queen's army against the slavers' soldiers and sellswords.


The slavers' army strength is around 40 thousand soldiers, with 100 armored war elephants, while the queen's army strength is around 23 thousand men, plus Viserion and Rhaegal - Daenerys' dragons - and 4,400 reavers of House Greyjoy who come to join the fight. Since The Winds of Winter hasn't been published yet, the Battle's result is unknown, but we're pretty sure the slavers will be defeated.

Game of Thrones, The Sons of the Harpy's attacks in the city.

The showrunners changed Meereen's storyline a lot, but we're totally going to see a battle at Meereen: in the next episode The Son of the Harpy will attack again, and it will be a bloody blow. As we can see in season 6's trailers, an explosion will occur atop the Great Pyramid and lots of citizens will be murdered by The Sons of the Harpy.

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The battle in the show probably reduced, but Daenerys is going to epic!

It's plausible that, even if the battle in the show won't be as huge as in the books, a big fight will take place in Meereen, with blood, murders and Viserion and Rhaegal flying in the sky. Who is going to solve this situation? We think we will finally see Daenerys the Conqueror at her best: the queen will probably reach Meereen with her Dothrakis warriors in episode 10, defeating the slavers' soldiers and murderers once for all. We can't wait to see her riding Drogon into battle while the other dragons fly around her!

GOT season 6 spoilers: Greyjoys in Meereen

Probably we're also going to see Yara, Theon and their warriors approaching Meereen's bay. In the books the ships of the Yunkai are destroyed by the Greyjoys, so we think we can see something similar happen in the show, with the ironmen destroying some slavers' ships and then swarming ashore.

The season finale is approaching, don't forget the air date of Game of Thrones season 6 episode 8: the next installment airs on June 12 on HBO.