Here's a new theory about Arya's fate in Game of Thrones season 6. Be careful, spoilers may follow. A lot of theories about Arya spread all over the web in the last days, but no one looks very satisfying. Oddly, nobody seems to recall what we know about Jaqen according to A Song of Ice and Fire book series: what if Jaqen's storyline in GOT isn't that different from the one in the books? If you want to know what we think could happen to Arya, Jaqen, and Samwell (yes, that Samwell), keep reading!

Jaqen H'ghar in the books: a Faceless Man in Westeros

In the books, Arya is trained in the House of Black and White by an old man who is not Jaqen.

In the books Jaqen H'ghar disappears after giving the old iron coin to Arya, before she leaves for Braavos, reappearing only in A Feast for Crows, where he shows up in Oldtown with the face we last saw him in the show while he was in Westeros (black hair, long nose...).


Jaqen kills a Citadel novice and stole his face and identity. He is the one who welcomes Samwell Tarly in the Citadel, claiming to be Pate the novice.

Jaqen in the books is deadly and charming, extremely mysterious, always wandering through Westeros for some unknown reasons. Since he became very popular in the show, the showrunners decided to give him more screentime, but they basically turned a weird, lethal killer in a religious "maester". But what if the Jaqen we see in the show in the House of Black and White is not the real Jaqen?

A risky theory: the wounded girl is Jaqen, but Jaqen is not the real Jaqen

One of the best theories about Arya focuses on the fact that the wounded girl is actually Jaqen H'ghar, who disguised himself as the young Stark to test if the Waif is worth to be a Faceless Man.

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That would explain why Arya acted so cool before getting stabbed, why she wasn't carrying Needle, why she has so much silver with her and so on. On the other hand, the fact that Jaqen is ready to die for Arya looks unlikely, and how could a deadly killer be killed in such a naive way?

The theory makes more sense if Jaqen is not the real Jaqen but the unnamed "keeper" of the House of Black and White (who is an old man in the books). Don't forget what happened in GOT 5x02, when Arya follows an old black man who changes his face in the one of the first Jaqen H'ghar in front of the House of Black and White. Arya tells the man: "You said there was no Jaqen H'ghar here", and the man with Jaqen's face answers: "There isn't", adding that "a man is not Jaqen H'ghar", a man is "no one".

Jaqen, Arya, and Samwell

If the "fake" Jaqen is the wounded Arya, we can speculate that the real Arya is going to kill the Waif with Needle. After that, she will discover that the man who she supposed to be Jaqen is not him.

Samwell Tarly will probably reach the Citadel in the next episode, and that looks like a suspicious coincidence: just after Arya's situation is solved, we could see a new scene in which the real Jaqen (the hook-nosed one with long black hair) kills a novice in the Citadel and then welcomes Sam pretending to be Pate the novice, just like in the books.

A recap and a final note

Here's a recap of our speculations:

  • The wounded Arya is the man with Jaqen's first face, who is actually the keeper of the House of Black and White.
  • The real Arya will kill the Waif (maybe she will discover that the Jaqen in Braavos is not the real Jaqen, maybe not).
  • Very possibly, we will see Arya with a new face.
  • The real Jaqen H'ghar will kill a novice in Oldtown and then welcome Samwell in the Citadel pretending to be Pate the novice.

We tried our best to explain one of the most mysterious turns of events in Game of Thrones season 6. We're aware this is a complicated and risky theory, but we think it could be at least partially true. What do you think about it? Share your ideas in the comment section!