After the amazing Game of Thrones season 6 finale a popular theory on how the Night's King and the White Walkers will break through the Wall has apparently been confirmed. Although we cannot be 100% sure, what many fans predicted after the "Hold the Door" episode now looks more credible than ever.

Uncle Benjen in the season finale.

In Game of Thrones season 6 finale Benjen Stark abandon Bran and Meera near the Wall since he cannot pass through it. “The Wall is not just ice and stone,” Benjen tells Bran.

“Ancient spells were carved into its foundation. Strong magic. To protect men from what lies beyond". This dialogue confirms what is hinted about the Wall in A Song of Ice and Fire book series.


The Horn of Winter, also known as the Horn of Joramun.

Some fans believe that the Others will bring the Wall down using Joramun's horn, an ancient horn with magical properties. In the books Mance Rayder claims to have found the horn and Melisandre burn it with a fake Mance Rayder (which was actually Rattleshirt), but both Ygritte and Tormund says to Jon that it wasn't the real horn. Nobody knows where the real horn is; we cannot exclude that the Night's King will find it, but we think that there is a better way for him to break through the Wall.

Bran will allow the White Walkers through the Wall.

This popular theory looks more credible than ever after Benjen's words in season 6 finale. The Night's King's mark on Bran's arm is what allowed the White Walkers in the Three-eyed raven's cave, which was protected by the Children of the forest's magic.

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According to the legend, Bran the Builder built the Wall with the help of the Children of the forest, therefore we can deduce that the ancient spells in the Wall are actually similar to the one used to protect the cave.

According to this theory, when Bran will pass through the Wall's gate with the Night's King's mark on his arm he will allow the Others to break through the Wall.

Bran is still alive because he's useful for the Night's King.

This theory looks even more plausible since it explains why the Night's King and his lieutenants haven't attacked Bran, Meera and Benjen. The Night's King is waiting: as soon as Bran will enter Castle Black the Others will attack the Wall, break through it and invade the Seven Kingdoms.