Cersei gets the last laugh

After being humiliated in Season 5 of 'Game of Thrones,' forced to walk naked in the streets, and left virtually powerless, friendless, and without ally, Cersei was brought even further to her wits end throughout the course of this sixth season. After her son, King Tommen outlawed the one thing she thought might give her a chance in the last episode (Trial By Combat), Cersei was essentially left with no other options and nothing left to lose.

With artful cinematography and a moving soundtrack, all of her enemies were gathered, waiting to put her to trial...but Cersei clearly had other plans.

However, we first see Loras Tyrell confess his sins, renounce his name and his house, and offer himself as a servant to uphold the Seven. All of this unfolds with his family and a full room looking on.


Meanwhile, with the Mountain trapping Tommen in his chambers, the "little birds" lured former Lancel Lannister down into the catacombs, while elsewhere, more little birds lured Grand Maester Pycelle into another chamber. Both of these characters met their end a la Julius Caeser, first with Pycelle being stabbed violently by the swarm of children, and with the former Lannister being stabbed by another lone bird. What the former Lannister discovers down in the catacombs, however, is far more disturbing -- a cache of Wildfire rigged to blow. Unable to reach the flame in time, or to do anything at all to stop what's to come, the entire store of Wildfire ignites in an emerald inferno, taking a good portion of the city, the High Sparrow, and essentially all of Cersei's enemies down in one swift haze of green.


It's not often throughout the course of the six season's of HBO's 'Game of Thrones' that you can legitimately say as a viewer that you had any reason whatsoever to cheer on Cersei, but, there was certainly a sense of pure satisfaction being able to watch all of her enemies go up in flame. Her revenge was swift and unforgiving. The one thing that happened as a result of this is King Tommen committing suicide upon witnessing the carnage of the Wildfire, leaving Cersei as sole Queen with no children, no humanity, and certainly no remorse. The one thing that has always kept Cersei grounded and kept her from completely going over to the dark depths of herself has been her love for her children. With no children left to her name, Cersei is essentially untethered and primed to unleash her vengeance upon the world, and that is quite a frightening notion indeed. Shame!

The fate of House Lannister

Jaime returns from his endeavor with the Blackfish to find his sister sitting on the Iron Throne.

There aren't a lot of things that have truly shaken his character throughout the entirety of the series. He has been the "Kingslayer," played his role in the downfall of Eddard Stark, lost a hand, etc. Throughout all of this, he has always kept his spirits up and a certain level of charm and gravitas intact. In the 'Winds of Winter,' however, there was certainly a look of unease on his face as he came into the hall and looked upon his sister.

We will ultimately have to wait until next season to see how the story develops, but this at least ties up the loose ends for House Lannister for the time being.