Today's article about Game of Thrones is focused on the connections between the main characters and some theories about who will live and who will die in episode 9 of season 6 of GOT.

The battle for Winterfell

As we can see from the trailer, Ramsay is standing with a much larger army than the Starks. Ramsay looks confident with a sly smile on his face, because he doesn’t knows he has to die. Meanwhile Sansa and Jon argue about bringing down Ramsay, also because Melisandre won't be able to bring jon back from death again..

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Finally we will get to see the Bolton army come under attack from the Starks army and his Wildling packed forces and the Tully's. However, the Tullys will not join the Battle of Bastards, bacause Lord Edmure is far from being a brave commander.

Many fans believe that Littlefinger moves the army of the Vale and reaches Winterfell in time.

Who should have the honor of killing Ramsay?

Rumors suggest that several characters will bite the dust in the wake of the war. Ser Davos may finally learn of the fate of Shireen Baratheon at the hands of her father and Melisandre. Davos Seaworth's time might be over. However, the reason of his death remains unknown. We're pretty sure Rickon Stark is one of the major characters dying this season. A Reddit user with the username Truede, who claims to have inside information on the show, suggests that Rickon Stark dies after Ramsay releases him, as we have described in the previous article.

Which plan did Varys discuss with Tyrion?

In Episode 8 ‘No One,' before the slaver's siege, we saw Varys leaving for a dangerous secret mission.

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The most likely scenario is that Varys is traveling to Dorne to forge an alliance between Daenerys, Ellaria Sand and the Tyrells.The combined strength of the Dornish and Tyrell armies would provide Daenerys a significant help in Westeros, allowing her to land her Dothraki soldiers in King’s Landing. If Varys succeeds, Daenerys can sit on the Iron Throne, after killing all the evil Lannisters.

Lady Stoneheart: could she be in the finale?

In the latest episode of GOT we didn’t see Catelyn because she has been dead for 3 seasons on Game of Thrones, but some characters have spoke about her.

First, Brienne and Jaime discussed their oaths to the Lady of Winterfell. Then she also cropped up in negotiations between Brienne and Blackfish. Catelyn also was the subject of conversation between Jaime and Edmure, where the two talked about Jaime’s time as a prisoner.

Fans believe that in the 10th episode of GOT, Lady Stoneheart might capture Brienne and Podrick. The description for the final episode of GOT, titled 'The Winds of Winter,' states that Brienne will meet a friend turned foe, Jaime Lannister.

After that in the last episode Brienne is carrying Jaime Lannister’s sword. Catelyn believes that Brienne has betrayed her. So according to the books, Lady Stoneheart gives Brienne the option of proving her loyalty by killing Jaime, or death by hanging.

Tommen is in the hands of the High Sparrow

Tommen seems a puppet in the hands of the High Sparrow, and he has made things for Cersei far more difficult than ever before. Indeed Tommen announces that he is banning the practice of Trial by Combat in his Kingdom. So Cersei will have to face a proper court for her crimes.