What can we expect from Game of Thrones season 6 episode 8? Here are spoilers, video trailer, the next episode's air date and some theoriesabout what's going to happen in episode 8. Be careful: spoilers ahead!

GOT season 6 episode 6, promo video trailer and synopsis

Here's the official promo video of Game of Thrones season 6 episode 8, which is titled "No one".

This week HBO hasn't released yet the official synopsis of the next episode, which is pretty odd. Nonetheless, we know that big events are approaching.

GOT 6 episode 8 spoilers: the Hound

The Hound is back. According to a popular theory, he's going to fight his undead brother in King's Landing in GOT 6 episode 10. We don't know if this theory will come true (Sandor is supposed to be the champion of the Faith Militant, but he isn't exactly a believer). There are two reasons why he could reach King's Landing to fight the Mountain:

  • He hates his brother
  • He will meet Lady Stoneheart, who is going to convincehim to fight against the Lannisters.

Besides speculations, what we know is that the Hound will face the Brotherhood Without Banners, and he's very probably going to meet Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion.

Jamie, the Blackfish, Brienne and Pod

In GOT 6 episode 8 Brienne delivers Sansa's letter to the Blackfish. While she's at Riverrun with Podrick, she will talk to Jamie Lannister. As we can see in the trailer, she's ready to fight him, and you may be wondering why Brienne wants to do that. Here's a simple explanation:Sansa needs the Blackfish and his army with her, but the Blackfish will tell Brienne that he can't join Sansasince he's under siege,therefore,Brienne needs Jamie to leave to accomplish her mission.

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Game Of Thrones

Ok, but what about Pod being captured in the trailer? Someone suggested that the one who catch him is Black Walder, but we're pretty sure is Bronn. If you look carefully at the trailer, you can see that the capturer has black hair and dark brown beard:he looks very similar to Bronn.

Jaqen disguised himself asArya

Some juicy theories about Arya spread all over the web in the last hours. She has been stabbed by the Waif: is she going to die?

Some fans believe that Jaqen, who still owes Arya one death (remember their first encounter?), disguised himself as Arya to test the Waif. The Waif didn't act as a cold-blood killer, she stabbed "Arya" in the stomach to make her suffer. Maybe Jaqen decided to plan everything to test if the Waif is worth to be a Faceless Man. That would explain why "Arya" looked so cool before getting stabbed, the money she had, why she wasn't carrying Needle.

On the other hand, we never saw such a drastic transformation by a Faceless Man, and Jaqen's possible death isn't portrayed in the books (although the showrunners may have changed his storyline again). Moreover, the fact that Jaqen is ready to die forAryalooks unlikely, even if he still owes a death to her.

Another theory about Arya

In GOT 6x07 official synopsiswe can read: "Arya makes a plan". Someone pointed out that Arya's blood may be fake, as the young Stark prepared herself to be attacked by the Waif.

This theory would explain why she acted coolbefore getting stabbed, as she was waiting for the Waif to reveal herself; if the wounding is a fake, Arya will probably lure the Waif into a trap and kill her with Needle.

Not a bad theory, but what if the Waif instead of stabbing her in the stomach would have cut her throat?

The "Fight Club" theory

What if the Waif is a figment of Arya's imagination which is trying to eliminate the humanity holding Arya back from becoming "No one"? Reddit user catNamedStupidity recently shared this theory, which explains a lot of the strange events in Arya's storyline. At the moment it's impossible to say what exactly is going to happen in Arya's storyline: only the next episode will tell us the truth about her plan. But we're pretty sure she's going to survive.

Don't forget Game of Thrones season 6 episode 8 air date: "No one" airs on June 12 on HBO.

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