Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 is approaching, here are the spoilers and video trailer released by HBO, along with synopsis. The 8th episode of GOT is titled "No One" and it is said to be a reference to Arya.

Let's start with HBO's new video trailer for the 8th episode of Game of Thrones.

Arya and her destiny

Let’s start with Arya. In the 7th episode we have seen that she was stabbed several times by The Waif. Although she was injured, she walked down a busy market street.

The good news is that she probably will survive also because Jaqen could side with Arya instead of the Waif in spite of her treachery. The trailer shows Arya leaping from a roof while being pursued by the Waif.


Finally she will have the chance to leave Braavos, after she has left the House of Black and White. She is going to face a difficult choice when she will meet Jon and Sansa. Will she continue alone the way to become no one?

In King's Landing Margaery Tyrell plays the High Sparrow

Margaery gives her Grandmother a note, which is a drawing of a rose: the House Tyrell insignia. It's too early to say what it really means. Finally, Cersei Lannister chooses violence and with Gregor Clegane, called 'The Mountain', acting as her Champion, decides to indirectly attack the High Sparrow. Indeed  'The Mountain' befalls his strength on a bunch of Faith Militant followers, killing them.

In 7th episode we remember that Jaime tries to make a deal with Blackfish but he fails to impress him. So Jaime decides to use Brienne in trying in order to persuade the Blackfish to surrender and to side with them.

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Brienne will talk with the Blackfish but her mission fails. Podrick is seemingly kidnapped in the Lannister's camp.

In Mereen, flames burst out above Tyrion's head, suggesting Drogon have just arrived. Daenerys Targaryen will receive the visit of Yara Greyjoy with Theon Greyjoy. Yara wants to build an alliance with her ​​against Euron Greyjoy, because both want to conquer the Seven Kingdoms.

The Hound returns for revenge

In the 7th episode we see Clegane (the Hound). He has settled into a peaceful life with his new group, but at the end of episode his new companions are murdered by the "Brotherhood without Banners”. He decides to leave the short-lived peaceful life as he grabs an axe. He will carry out his revenge against the "Brotherhood without Banners” members who murdered the priest and his friends.

Jon and Sansa: what will happen?

Jon and Sansa with Ser Devos will get House Mormont’s, House Horwood’s, and House Maize’s support but House Glover will not join the Northern army. There will be a battle for Winterfell with Ramsey Bolton and it gets ugly. Ramsay will drag Rickon Stark to the battlefield. Ramsay will tell Rickon to run. According to fan theories related to Rickon Stark, Ramsay could fire arrows as the boy runs to Jon.