Let's see what is going to happen in GTO Season 6 Episode 7. Here are spoilers, and the official summary released by HBO, the promo video and the air date of the next episode of the TV show.

The title of the next installment is “The Broken Man”.

The official synopsis for the next episode reads: Arya makes a plan to do what she already did many times: escape an amost certain death, The High Sparrow eyes another target, Jamie confronts a hero, and finally, "the North is reminded”.

Jaime and High Sparrow anche the upcoming Battle of Winterfell

Jaime Lannister encounters an unexpected person in the King's Landing. He will probably be the Blackfish. He is the uncle of Catelyn Stark, and the great-uncle of Sansa, and a powerful ally to Sansa and Jon's forces. We remember that Sansa sends Brienne to Riverrun in the hopes that Blackfish will help her recapture the North. Meanwhile, the Tully are convinced by JaimeLannister not help Jon and Sansa's army.

New Target.

High Sparrow finds a new target that will be Kevan Lannister.

Indeed, High Sparrow can easily use the submission Kevan’s son Lancel to bend Kevan to his will. Sansa and Jon are going to Bear Island to gain enough support to fight Ramsay. Indeed,Bear Island is close geographic proximity to the Castle of Winterfel.

The synopsis reads that the "North is reminded.”It’s impossible say what actually happens there. However, it is certain that there will be a battle between the resurrected Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton.

Meanwhile, the King of the Night and Bran Stark to come face-to-face once again. Probably the undead’s army are heading in the North way soon.

GOT 6 episode 7: the Hound's return.

Brienne is the one who killed Sandor Clegane or The Hound. In Game of Thrones season 6, episode 7, we see the Hound, who is coming back in the show. He is alive and he is a gravedigger. In detail a character named Septon Meribald (will be played by Ian McShane) speeches about The Broken Man who is theorized to have saved The Hound from near death.

Shortly after the speech, Brienne meets the Houd. What if Catelyn Stark is the one who is going to meet gravedigger, also because Brienne is very far from the Riverlands? We will see again Sandor in the Riverlands

Arya's storyline gets more thrilling

Waif, the girl Jaquen sent to kill Arya. Arya will risk her life. The bloody knife shows that she or Waif going to die. if Arya obviously cannot die, in this way she completes her training and becomes no one. But many hints confirmed that Arya finds out that Sansa and Jon Snow, and she joins them to fight Ramsay.

Don't forget the next episode's air date: on June 5 on HBO.

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