Redemption seems to be the name of the game this week on Game of Thrones. The Broken Man features the return of a couple fan favorites and shows the struggle of several characters trying desperately to make the best of their second chance. As this show has proven time and again: It takes more than good intentions to survive. 

The Hound

The episode quickly confirms a popular theory about the Hound's return. It opens with a group of people building some sort structure, possibly a sept (not that it matters), happily working together. The Hound is carrying a huge log all on his own, because almost dying doesn't make you weak, apparently.

We quickly learn what happened to him the day he lost to Brienne and was left to die by Arya. It seems as though he likes his quiet life, but when a few members of The Brotherhood Without Banners happens upon the peaceful group, he seems willing go back to his old ways.


Unfortunately for the Septon and everyone else, he's forced to make his choice soon enough. Wait, does this mean CleganeBowl is really happening? Or that Lady Stoneheart is about make an appearance? 

A threat to Highgarden

The High Sparrow drops a (not so subtle) hint that Lady Olenna is at the top of hit list. This just after he has the talk with Margery. (He gets creepier in every episode.) Margery meets with her grandmother to try persuading her to return to Highgarden, but the Queen of Thorns won't be moved. That is until she sees the fear in her granddaughter's eyes and looks at the secret note she gave her. Cersi extends an olive branch to the Queen of Thorns. She, however, is having none of it. Lady Olenna proceeds to rip Cersi a new one. Cersi has mostly kept to the sidelines this season but next week's trailer shows that she's about to take action.

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Could Tommen be in danger? 


After winning the Wildlings over to their cause, Jon, Sana and Davos set out to win some northern houses to their side. On Bear Island they meet the infamous Lyanna Mormont. This 10 year old seems to be a better ruler than any I've seen on this show in a long time. She rebuffs Jon and Sansa, only relenting when Davos jumps in and drops some cold hard facts (about the White Walkers). She finally decides to join their cause only to reveal that she only has 62 men to offer. Jon and Sansa strike out elsewhere, prompting Sansa to draft a letter, but to who? Probably to Litterfinger. He already told her that he had the knights of the Vale stationed at Moat Cailin. 

The lion goes fishing

Jaime Lannister arrives at Riverrun to help the Freys retake the castle from the Blackfish. They've been threatening to kill Edmure Tully, the rightful heir to Riverrun and House Tully. The Blackfish is unmoved. Jaime takes control of the siege and meets with the Blackfish.

His attempts at reaching a comprise fail, so it's back to the drawing board. 

A fond farewell

Arya books passage on a Westerosi ship and is ready to sail home come morning. Unfortunately, the Waif finds her shortly after and delivers a parting gift. She stabs Arya several times in the abdomen, but Arya manages to jump into the harbor and stay under just long enough for the Waif to assume she was dead and leave. Aya emerges from the water and staggers through the packed streets of Bravos, clutching her bleeding stomach. Also, it looks like the (stolen) Iron fleet is somewhere in Slaver's Bay. Yara gives Theon some Iron Island style therapy. Is it possible that Arya will run into Theon before she makes it back to Westeros?