In the last days a lot of theories about what was going to happen to Arya Stark in Game of Thrones season 6 episode 8 washed all over the web. Although many of them were risky and 'creative', they now look much better compared to what actually happened in the TV show. Here are 10 things inArya's storyline in season 6 thatdon't make sense.

She learned almost nothing.

Let's start with the most important reason: what is the point in having Arya trained by the Faceless Men for almost two seasons, with a lot of dedicated screen-time, if Arya in the end learned(almost) nothing? If she leaves Braavos without having learned how to change her face, what has changed for her?

The way she got stabbed makes no sense.

Why Arya, trying to escape the most feared guild of assassins in GOT's universe, put herself at deadly risk talking loudly with some Westerosi and then exposing herself to an attack on a Braavosi bridge? We suppose she wanted to induce the Waif to reveal herself, nonetheless, that looks now like a suicide attempt more than anything else.

Full of silver, no Needle, already known face.

We should also point out that Arya had a lot of silver with her (we are forced to assume that she stole a lot of money in a very short time), that she wasn't carrying Needle even if she was aware the Faceless Men was going to murder her, and she also didn't recall the face the Waif used to sneak up on her (Arya already had a good look at the old lady face the Waif is wearing in the Faceless Men's temple).

Severe stabbing looking like a scratch.

The Waif hit Arya with a slash of her knife, then stabbed Arya in the stomach and finally stabbed her in the stomach again, twisting the blade in the wound. Arya managed to escape and hide in Lady Crane's room. With such terrible wounds she was supposed to be agonizing, screaming in pain, almost covered in blood. No one wants to see Arya suffers, but with such wounds how could she be in such a good shape?

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Game Of Thrones

The milk of the poppy is not supposed to heal anybody.

Lady Crane, the actress who Arya should have been killed, apparently succeed in stitching Arya's wounds. Since the milk of the poppy is just a strong opiate used as a pain killer (which, by the way, usually left the user a little stunned after the sleep), Arya's terrible wounds seems to have been cured only with some stitches and a bit of sleep. After that, Arya is able to run and fly from buildings again. This is far from being realistic...

The Waif looks pretty dumb to be what she is.

Even if the Waif wasn't a Faceless Men she was an extremely capable killer trained in the most feared assassin's guild, nonetheless, she wasn't able to find the stabbed Arya even if she left bloody traces walking down some Braavosi street in front of dozens of witnesses. She also needed a lot of time - several hours at least - to check the most obvious place in which Arya could have been hiding, not to mention that the Waif could have killed Arya while she was sleeping in Lady Crane's apartment, instead of talking to her and let her escapes again.

Arya and Lady Crane: a weird speech.

When Lady Crane asks Arya where she will go, Arya answers: "Essos is east and Westeros is west... but what's west of Westeros?". Lady Crane doesn't know and Arya tells her that "nobody knows", since it's where all maps stop, adding that she would like to see "the edge of the world". Arya seems to like the idea of exploring the world, but when she face Jaqen she's very determined to go home, since she's "Arya of Winterfell".

Arya in the Faceless Men temple.

After Arya managed to kill the Waif in a dark room we see her again in the Faceless Men temple. Her wounds opened up again before she killed the Waif, but when she reach the temple she stands in front of Jaqen and looks pretty fine. Once again, this is far from being realistic.

We all love Game of Thrones as well as Arya Stark's character, but we must say the showrunners haven't done a good job with her storyline in season 6.

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