Some interesting theories about Bran's storyline in Game of Thrones season 6 have spread all over the web after the "Hold the door" episode; in today's article we present an updated version of the 'Bran-is-Bran-the-Builder' theory, the "Bran-may-also-be-Bran-the-Breaker" theory and a theory about how the Others will break through the Wall. These theories are quite creative, nonetheless, they're very fascinating, so why don't fantasize a little bit about the young Stark before the season 6 finale?

Brandon the Builder

Bran the Builder was a legendary member of House Stark who lived about 8000 years before GOT's events.

According to the legend, he built the Wall and Winterfell, maybe with the help of the children of the forest. Some stories claim he designed the Hightower at Oldtown, while others claim it was his son, also named Brandon.


He may also be the one who gave the Brandon's Gift to the Night's Watch (although some maesters claim it was another Brandon Stark) as well as the one who helped Durran building Storm's End. Keep in mind that often the stories state that if Brandon the Builder didn't do a certain thing, another Brandon Stark did.

Why Bran could be Brandon the Builder

We know that Bran has time travelling powers and that he's going to fight the Others, directly or indirectly. We know, according to the stories, that Bran the Builder built the Wall with the help of the children of the forest, who provided the magic which keeps the Others from breaking through it, and empowered the Night's Watch with the Brandon's Gift (a stretch of land south of the Wall). In other words, what Bran the Builder did in the past is now important in the war against the Others.

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Bran the Builder was crippled?

In a picture from the Video Histories and Lore in Game of Thrones' DVDs, Bran the Builder is being carried on a platform, suggesting that the legendary figure was crippled just like Bran. It is also rumoured the Durran built Storm's End with the help of a young Bran the Builder, and that Storm's End, just like Winterfell, have some sort of magical defense. If Bran is Bran the Builder, we can speculate that he built some castles with magical defenses to provide safe places where the Others cannot walk in during their invasion of the Seven Kingdoms.

What if Bran is also Bran the Breaker and some other Brandon?

Time for an even more creative theory about Bran. What if Bran is also Bran the Breaker? According to the legend, the Night's King was a Lord Commander of the Night's Watch who fell in love with a woman supposed to be a Whitewalker. The Night's King lived for 13 years at the Wall with her pale lady, committing horrible atrocities and offering sacrifices to the White Walkers.

Bran the Breaker was the one who defeated The Night's King with the help of Joramun, a legendary King-Beyond-the-Wall. There is no evidence that Bran is also Bran the Breaker, but if you think that the Bran-is-Bran-the-Builder theory is true, then you may consider the idea of him being Bran the Breaker as well as the Brandon who gave to the Night's Watch the Brandon's Gift and some other Brandon Stark who directly or indirectly fought the Others in the past.

How the Others will break through the Wall

Why the Others haven't assaulted the Wall yet? This is a big question. One of the simplest answers is that they're waiting for the winter, but many fans believe that they were actually waiting for the young Stark, since they cannot pass the Wall due to the Wall's magical defense. Since Bran is now "marked" by the Night's King, the White Walkers' leader, according to this theory, may assault and break through the Wall as soon as Bran will be south of the Wall again.

We will know more about the Bran and the White Walkers' story arc in Game of Thrones season 6 finale, which airs on June 26 on HBO.