The season 6 finale of Game of Thrones was epic.From murderous green wildfire to eliminating some of our favorite royalty, it is safe to say there have been some iconic killings throughout this season. Call me eerie, but I couldn’t help but countdown the top 10 most striking death scenes.

Lyanna Stark.

While Ned Stark's sister's death was one of the saddest, it was also one of the most significant. Her life was sacrificed after giving a gory birth to our beloved bastard, Jon Snow.

Grand Maester Pycelle.

The council member has been a bit of a drag for quite awhile now. Maester Pycelle isalways obeying who ever is in charge, and although he is intelligent, he has remained uptight (despite his love for prostitutes). It was a brutal start to the show, yet in some twisted way, it was appropriate to have a bunch of young hooligans stab him to death. At the end of the day, did anyone really care about Maester Pycelle?

Rickon Stark.

When Rickon was put in Ramsey's hands, the baby brother had no chance.

Viewers were in suspense as he ran straight for Jon Snow. But as we all know, if you are not going to zig zag, then expect failure. As if the look on Rickon’s face after dying wasn’t cringeworthyenough,he was then trampled by an army of swordsmen.Ouch!

Margaery Tyrell.

The Queen was in jail nearly half of the season. When she was finally released, it seemed Margaery had high hopes forKing's Landingwhen she stated I want to be the Queen.” However, as we all know, Cersei had it out for her son’s leading lady from day one.

It was only a matter of time before the hopeful Queen was killed off. The look in Margaery's eye as the fire approached her was unforgettable. It was a shameshe saw it all coming and even tried to escape.

The High Sparrow.

The religious fanatic was a straight looney. He humiliated Cersei last season, and influenced Queen Margaery’s state of mind, who later influenced the innocent King. The High Sparrow had too much power over the Kingdom.

The plot to kill him off with all of his followers was the perfect way to eliminate the Church.

King Tommen Baratheon.

King Tommen Baratheon was never fit to be a strong King. Consistently pushed around throughout the season by the women in his life, this boy was like a floating duck. His majesty was an embarrassmentto his mother and his wife. When a significant portion of citizens of King's Landingburned to the ground, the young royalty'slack of control was so apparent, even he couldn’t hang. The King's suicide jump was silent and passive just like his character.

Walder Frey and his sons.

The ultimate revenge!

Arya’s motive through all her training was to kill off the enemies on her list. Baiting Walder Frey with photos of his sons, and having her smilepresent in his last moments was the perfect way to end his life before peeling away his face.

The Waif.

Let’s be real, The Waif took herself way too seriously. We all watched in pain as she battled poor blind Arya in the first episode of season 6, and were once again upset when she threw the Stark girl over the bridge. While we never got to see the kill, we can only imagine the brutal death based on Arya's training..


Hodor had helped Brand Stark come so far, and even saved his life despite his PTSD.

It took an army to put him out, and it broke our hearts as we watched his attempt to block the door. Not Hodor!

Ramsey Bolton.

From chopping off Reek's goods to killing his own family, screwing with Sansa, and not to mention putting an arrow straight through little Stark’s heart, Ramsey is undoubtably one of the most evil characters to date. When war wasbetween Ramsey and Jon Snow, we were all ready to see this bad guy go. Ironically, he was killed by his own flesh eating dogs, and it was absolutely beautiful. Thank you, Sansa.

Between the epic battles, glorious murders, and some of our favorite characters dying off, Game of Thrones has certainly made a killing off of kills.

Now the question becomes, who will be next?

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