Arya Stark should be dead on Game of Thrones. That’s what one Reddit user has decided, and uses past Thrones episodes to make it clear. Even if she didn’t die, she shouldn’t have been able to do everything she did to kill the Waif.

Could Lady Crane have saved Arya?

Game of Thrones Season 6 saw the Waif stab Arya in the stomach numerous times two weeks ago. In last week’s episode she was seen running around the streets of Bravos, after being patched up by actress Lady Crane.

Fans are outraged that this would happen, considering the deaths and injuries that have occurred on the show.

It is certainly more likely that Arya would have been killed. One of the reasons given is the dirty water she threw herself into after being stabbed. It would have caused infection to set in instantly and should have killed her within hours. She definitely wouldn’t have had the ability to fight, considering the way King Robert Baratheon was left on his death bed after being attacked by the boar. He had Grand Maester Pycelle attempt to save him and it didn’t work, so why would an actress have been able to save Arya?

Other reasons for Arya’s death

Some Game of Thrones fans have pointed out that Arya should have died instantly; not just from infection. She was stabbed in the same place as her sister-in-law Talisa Stark at the Red Wedding. Talisa died instantly, and Robb was left cradling her dead body.

If that didn’t happen and infection didn’t set in within hours, she should have seen signs of infection eventually, like Khal Drogo in Season 1.

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Game Of Thrones

There should have at least been the threat of infection, as there was with the likes of Jaime Lannister and The Hound. The Reddit user also says that Ned Stark can't be resurrected.

Some fans say that the only reason she has survived is because she has become a favorite character. There are theories that it is now because the show has moved on from the books and is able to keep the characters that the fans want to see succeed.

It is possible that George R.R Martin wouldbut may have given her less serious injuries in the books than she received in Game of Thrones Season 6.

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