For the first time in the history of the TV show Game of Thrones, the will of the strongest seem broken. The oldest and proudest house of Lannister is seen bending down, ironically to the consequences of acts committed by them previously.

Cersei and Jaime face troubles from all sides.

The Queen Regent Cersei has already faced her biggest demon of walking the streets of King’s Landing naked and loathed by all. She has lost her dignity, her children (Joffrey and Myrcella have both been murdered,) her only living son King Tommen refuses to abide by her and her place in the King’s council has been stripped.Her twin brother and lover, Jaime Lannister has been fired from his position as the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and it was none other than his son (ahem) nephew, Tommen who did that.

Obviously, he has no place in the council that makes the decisions for Westeros. Almost like a punishment, Jaime has been sent to Riverrun to ask the Blackfish aka Brynden Tully to give up his stake at the Riverlands.

Ruthless twins right from the start.

These two characters have together been one of the most ruthless pairs on the show. As a team, they have bowed to none – the lovers cost a tiny Bran Stark his limbs in the first episode itself. Absolutely unrepentant, they tried to kill the child for good a second time. The deaths of Jon Arryn, Cersei’s husband King Robert Baratheon and the righteous Ned Stark are just some of the great names crossed off the duo’s list for achieving what they wanted at different points in time.Torturing Sansa Stark and forcing her to marry Tyrion Lannister and later, accusing Tyrion of her elder son, Joffrey’s murder and putting a prize on his head, was just as far as her villainy could take her.

We won’t discuss the part where Cersei, in Jaime’s absence, indulged in carnal pleasures with her cousin Lancel (what’s with her brothers?)Her final act of arm-twisting came when her son Tommen got married to the opportunist Margaery of House Tyrell and he started swaying his wife’s way more often. As a measure taken in despair, she handed the Faith Militant all the power to challenge anyone in the name of faith.

She did it to ruffle Margaery and her family’s feathers but the move took her down with the Tyrells,

Punching holes into the Lannister pride.

Unlike his sister, with whom we have never sympathized – we don’t really remember the exact moment when we turned Team Jaime but we did. From being the infamous Kingslayer, pushing a child from a tower to having his hand slashed and being cheated on by the love of his life, his arc grew as his ego was butchered, one act at a time.However, in no other season have the Lannister twins been slighted this much and this often.

From the Walk of Shame to the ouster in positions, the duo has literally been at the mercy of one and all. Grieving the death of their child, humiliated at the small council, protected by no soldiers but a zombie, ridiculed by the elders (while Olenna Tyrell joked about Cersei’s status, Brynden Tully made mockery of Jaime’s parley,) and forced to be on their knees in front of the clever High Sparrow, there has been a sea change in the fortunes of the golden twins.

What awaits next.

The invincible, spoilt rich kids who had Westeros at their beck and call have gradually been stripped of their name, fame and honor as the storylines have progressed. It is to be seen where their fates balance out.In George R.R.

Martin’s world, karma seldom bites back. But it seems to have caught up with these two.Somewhere across the Narrow Sea, a third Lannisteris having the last laugh.

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