"Battle of the Bastards" has instantly become one of the most acclaimed andfavorite episodes of Game of Thrones to date, with scenes equalling those of the best in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. We were treated to two huge battles, each controlling the destinies of key characters and influencing the future of Westeros.

Unrestrained devastation

The first battle is at Meereen. The city is under siege, as we know from the episode before, which came to its climax with the re-entrance of Daenerys. While Tyrion’s plan to make peace with the Masters had resulted in its obvious failure, the Queen it would seem had a burning solution.

The directors decided to show the full devastating impact that three dragons could have, a scene that brings back thoughts of Daenerys’s father – the mad king – whose weapon and tactic of choice was to burn his enemies. The conclusion of this battle meant the acquisition of a sizable fleet which will inevitably be used in the future invasion of Westeros. A fleet what would become bolstered by the addition of Yara Greyjoy’s Iron islands ships.

However, as exciting as it was to see the unrestrained devastation three dragons could unleash – a possible preview for any King's Landing invasion – the Battle of the Bastards took the show. Although knowing how outnumbered they were and odds of victory, Jon Snow's small force had arrived at Winterfell.

For the first time, Snow and Ramsay Bolton came face to face, and his cruelty would be displayed one more time by shooting Rickon Stark with an arrow mere feet from Jon Snow, who was riding to rescue him.

An epic scene

The quality of cinematography that would follow would in no small way convey the gruesome images of the battle.

An epic scene that could stand shoulder to shoulder to Peter Jackson's portrayal of the Battle for Helm's deep, with images of a giant ripping soldiers in half. Yet on his own, and not to the audiences suppressed, Ramsay Bolton’s army achieved the upper foot and was cutting down Jon Snows army. All seemed lost; that was until the very timely intervention of Littlefinger and the Knights of the Vale.

With him routed, we all thought Jon Snow would finish Ramsay off in the courtyard as Snow battered his head with pure rage. That was until he saw Sansa. Yet surprising to some, or maybe not, the gruesome, cold way that Sansa executed Ramsay Bolton – by his own hounds – was a very fitting and also satisfying end, we could all probably agree.

With all said, everyone is looking forward to the season finale. How will Sansa use her victory? Will Daenerys launch her invasion? And how will the power struggle between the crown and faith end?

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