Be careful: spoilers on Game of Thrones TV show and A Song of Ice and Fire book series will follow. George Martin is now reading a new chapter from The Winds of Winter during the events he is attending: the latest chapter he read to his fans is written from Aeron "Damphair" Greyjoy POV and contains some amazing as well as some dreadful revelations about Aeron and the fearsome Euron Greyjoy.

A note for Game of Thrones' fans.

The Aeron's chapter Martin read at Balticon is focused on the Greyjoy's storyline.

In the books Euron became king of the Iron Islands as well as in the show, but there are many differences:

  • Theon is not on the Iron Islands during the Kingsmoot.
  • Victarion, Aeron and Euron's brother, is the one who sails for Meereen with the Iron Fleet.
  • Euron stays in Westeros waiting for Victarion's return. He plans to conquer the Seven Kingdoms after his marriage with Daenerys Targaryen.
  • Euron in the books gave Victarion a Valyrian horn that is supposed to be used to control dragons.

Euron wears the most amazing artefact we ever read about.

Let's start with the most amazing scene from Aeron's chapter: Aeron Greyjoy sees his brother Euron upon the deck of Silence wearing "a suit of black scale armor like nothing Aeron had ever seen before.


Dark as smoke it was, but Euron wore it as easily as if it was the thinnest silk. The scales were edged in red gold, and gleamed and shimmered when they moved. Patterns could be seen within the metal, whorls and glyphs and arcane symbols folded into the steel. Valyrian steel, the Damphair knew. His armor is Valyrian steel. In all the Seven Kingdoms, no man owned a suit of Valyrian steel. Such things had been known 400 years ago, in the days before the Doom, but even then, they would’ve cost a kingdom".

Yes, you read well: Euron Greyjoy is actually wearing a suit of Valyrian steel armor. The problem here is that Euron Greyjoy is much crueler than we ever imagined.

Aeron Greyjoy's childhood.

In the Aeron's chapter from The Winds of Winter the Drowned God's priest is imprisoned by his brother Euron.

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Aeron is chained up in the hold of the Silence and forced to drink Shade of the Evening, then carried to Oakenshield (one of the Shield Islands, located not far from Highgarden) and chained up again.

During his incarceration, Aeron remembers how Euron sexually abused him and his brother Urri during their childhood. Euron, the eldest living son of Quellon Greyjoy, tells Aeron during his imprisonment: "You shared a room with Urrigon [...]. I could hear you praying from outside the door. I always wondered: Were you praying that I would choose you or that I would pass you by?"

Euron Greyjoy is crueler and crazier than we imagined.

The chapter Martin read at Balticon describes very well how cruel Euron really is. He's not only a much ferocious pillager than Balon Greyjoy, he's a mentally disturbed, deeply violent and egomaniac warlord. In the Aeron's chapter he reveals to the priest that he ordered the murder of Balon and that he personally killed other two of his brothers, "if you count half brothers", describing to Aeron the way he murdered Robin and Harlon Greyjoy.

His violence doesn't stop in front of women and children: after what we discovered in the Aeron's chapter, we think it's fair to say that he's one of the most unpredictable, cruel and dangerous characters in Westeros.