Sahara Knite, who appeared in popular television serial '"Game of Thrones,' is leading a double life as a porn actress and escort.

The Indian origin star has appeared in the role of a prostitute in the first two seasons of the series, and her fame rose to new heights after appearing in the exciting lesbian sex scene.

Saeeda Vorajee is her real name, and this was not known to many. The new revelation about the starlet first seen on The Sun.

A report published on their online portal claimed that the actor used to offer sex service for cash and visited clients in various hotels. Her cheapest rate is 40 pounds for a service and $1300 for full sex.

The 41-year-old ravishing beauty advertises herself as a pornstar, mistress and session wrestler in front of her clients.

After hearing this release, Saeeda lashed out against the newspaper in a very strong manner. She took her official Twitter handle to react against the report and told that Sun is publishing junk news without any credibility.

She also added that the publication might have received a whopping sum of money for publishing such a piece of news with no relevance.

The actress reacted that it is not her good day, and that is why such rubbishness is getting posted in newspapers.

The story which recently emerged has pulled her fans to a state of shock, while many of them have lent their support to the beauty through social networking sites.

Knite was born and brought up in an Islamic environment. The actress' family was shifted to London in 1960, and from then, they are residents in the United Kingdom.

In the earlier years of her life, she led her practices just like a traditional Muslim, but later, she said Adios to it and entered the fashion industry.

The report claimed that she is now the hottest property in the adult movie business, and is quite open in making X-rated videos.

Further reactions to this story are yet to come. We will soon post you all updates about this sizzling young actress in the popular HBO television show.

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