Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo on Facebook which celebrates his Instagram reaching 500 million users. The photo that sees Zuckerberg sitting at his desk posing for a photo shows more than we realize, if you look closely you can see a piece of tape covering the camera and speaker of his laptop. It is a very small detail that has been picked up on in the photo but it actually reveals a lot.

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of the largest social network in the world, Facebook is a website that encourages people to share pretty much all elements of their life; their photos, friends, job, location, political views, personal interests, birthday and many other life details.

However it seems Zuckerberg himself likes to protect his own privacy as he covers his laptop camera and microphone with a piece of tape, what this does is it stops the Government and hackers being able to spy on you through hacking in to your calls, videos and camera.


Facebook genius keeps intruders out with tape

The 500 million users was a big milestone for the young businessman to celebrate and he probably didn’t think anyone would look that closely at the photo, especially as the laptop isn’t the main feature of the photo. Yet it seems Chris Olson certainly did study the photo as he was the one to make the discovery. This simple trick is very easy to do and it stops intruders from listening to conversations or spying on your through your camera.

If Facebook CEO is doing it we probably should too

The fact that the technology expert Zuckerberg feels on-edge about privacy shows that we probably should all feel the same. If a man who promotes publicly sharing personal information is paranoid about being spied on then it makes sense for everyone else to.

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This was a smart move for Zuckerberg as he is one of the most powerful men in business, without mentioning one of the richest, therefore it is sensible of him to take precautions such as this one as no doubt thousands of people would want to access top-secret data, or hack in to his phone calls.

A security expert has supported Mark’s actions saying “I think Zuckerberg is sensible to take these precautions. As well as intelligence agencies and conventional online criminals who might be interested in targeting his billions, there are no doubt plenty of mischievous hackers who would find it amusing to spy upon such a high-profile figure.”