The most recent episode of the Dragon Ball Super series has left us many theories to analyze. The storyline was so big, and we have to point out that there was mistakes in regard to the food that was given to Beerus, which many thought were something like cereal bars but in fact they were fish sausages, which are very popular in Japan. On the other hand, there was some controversy because it was believed that Trunks said that he trained with the Kais. This is a mistake and here we are going to show you what the young time traveler really said.

Episode breakdown

In the episode it was said that the Kais gave him "instructions or tips" (the Japanese word which is used is Shiji) to defeat the invaders in order to prevent the rise of Majin Boo.

The word "instructions" can be interpreted as commentaries, ideas, tips, support, or even just letting Trunks know that some invaders will come with a specific plan, but it's not said that they trained him or gave him some education.

However, Trunks reached the second stage of Super Saiyan, and this shows that he has been training during the Android's defeat as well as during Cell's defeat. Something that we still don't know (as it wasn't revealed in the episode) is why it took so long for Dabura and Babidi to invade the Earth, because according to the episode, not long after their arrival, Black appears. The answer could be that the Earth, during Cell's defeat and the following years, was still devastated and in a rebuilding process, under-populated, and maybe Babidi didn't find enough warriors (just Trunks) that would provide him energy to wake up Majin Boo.

In fact, when Black is shown arriving on Earth for the first time, it can be seen that the buildings are still not fully restored. Clearly, with a more powerful Trunks and in the second stage of Super Saiyan, the villains (Dabura and Babidi) realized that it was the perfect moment to invade the Earth.

Nothing has been said about the instructions or tips that were given to Trunks. The truth is that he killed Dabura and Babidi.

We know that Trunks tends to eliminate his enemies and he is not so merciful like Goku. Contrary to what many fans believe, Future Trunks is not much stronger than Gohan in the present, they could be the same level, especially since none of them have reached the third stage of Super Saiyan.

As we saw in the last episode, Trunks was visibly inferior to Goku, who was in the third stage of Super Saiyan.

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