Hunter gets committed

The episodestarts with Hunter gettingtaken to a hospital against his will. Miles told their mother about Hunter's meltdownlast year, and they both feelas if heneeds professional help. Once inside, Hunter steals a nurse's keys and attempts to escape, but is caught and taken away by guards.Hunter meets his doctor and tries to bargain with her about talking to Yael. The doctorseems willing at first, but Hunter loses his temper after he feels she's tricked him.That night, Hunter starts receivingflashbacks and questions his own sanity.

Hetalks to his nurse and family again the next day. Hunter accepts his depression andthat he'll need help to get better.Yael visits him and he apologizes for wanting to hurt her.

Shay has to handle Northern Tech on her own

Frankie can't attend their meeting because she's going to visit Hunter at the hospital. Shay figures out that Frankie is the one who drew the racist drawing, but promises to keep her secret.

The meeting with the Northern Tech ends up a disaster. She questions why Shay isn't also offendedby the racist prank sinceshe's black.

Shaygrows insecure, and starts wonderingif Frankie is actuallyracist. She talks to her father and heexplains the nasty history behindcomparing black people to animals. Shay startsunderstanding the other team's frustration, and grows increasingly skeptical of Frankie. Sheeventuallytellsherthat she won't fight her battles for her. Theepisode ends with Shaytelling Frankie that the other team wantsher to resign, and that theprank was racist, despite that not being her intention.

Zig thinks that he and Maya are back together

Maya is still conflicted. They plan a dinner together that night so they can further discuss their status. Zig is initially excited, but Tiny tells him that things with Maya still might be over. After Maya texts Zig and cancels,hebecomes more frustrated and is encouraged by Lola to stop blaming himself. She tells him the Maya's at faultfor him cheatingsince she didn't answer his texts while she was away.Zig leaves the restaurantand confronts Maya at her house.

He accidentally breaks her science project while arguing, and Mayacompares thismistake to his cheating.Shetells Zig the next day that she's not ready to forgive him. They end on decent terms.

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