The volleyball team and the racist prank

The season begins with the team practicing for their upcoming game against Northern "The Zoo" Tech, a rivalry school. Lola, Frankie, and Shay return to the locker room and see that they're clothes are gone. Before they can figure out what's going on, the fire alarm goes off. The girls exit the school and discover that this was a prank from Northern Tech. Frankie vows to get revenge.

Frankie begins planning the revenge prank, but Shay is clearly against it.

Lola assures her that the other girls still want to prank back. Still conflicted, Frankie talks to Jonah and he instructs her to continue with prank but not involve Shay. Frankie takes the advice.


The girls draw the Northern Tech as animals and the captain as a monkey. Shay throws a fit once she finds out and calls Frankie a back stabber. After they're left alone to work it out, Shay explains that she doesn't have as many opportunities as Frankie because she isn't rich. She says that she didn't want to prank back and risk getting in any trouble. Frankie apologizes and the two work it out.

The girls return to the game and Northern Tech arrives. The team is holding the prank banner, with their captain clearly upset about being drawn as a monkey. They all refuse to play, stating that they don't compete against racists. The episode ends with Frankie looking mortified.

Miles and Hunter

Miles is excited about going off to boarding school despite still being concerned for Hunter. He decides to take Hunter out one last time ride and teach him to drive stick.

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Everything seems fine initially. Hunter assures Miles that he's okay and can handle being alone while he's gone. Convinced, Miles asks Hunter to drop him off at Degrassi so he can say his goodbyes.

Miles is at Degrassi when he runs into Tristan. He questions why Hunter hasn't been committed. Miles claims that Hunter only made a mistake and lies about Hunter not actually bringing the gun to school. While the two are catching up they hear a large crash from outside. Hunter has crashed Miles' car. Miles assumes this was an accident, but Hunter tells him that it was on purpose, and he was "tired of waiting for him". Frightened and worried, Miles finally tells his mother about Hunter bringing a gun to school, along with his "kill list". They decide to take him to a psych ward and Miles decides to stay for the summer. He tells Tristan the next day, and the two walk off to lunch together.

Maya and Zig

Maya is trying to get over Zig, but that becomes harder once she sees him getting close with Esme.

She meets Peter, a new teacher and Degrassi alum. He tells her that he likes her songs but needs to see her skills in the studio before he can give her the gig. 

Maya's excited for the opportunity, but can't seem to stay focused. While stalking Zig's page, Maya accidentally likes one of Zig's photos before getting her phone taken away by Grace. Maya doesn't get back to her homework in time and is scolded by Peter. 

Zig knocks at Maya's house window later on and questions her about the liked photo. She admits to stalking his "Hastygram" account and not being over him. He tells her that he's still in love with her and the two share a kiss. They get interrupted by a phone call from Peter, who tells her that though she wasn't able to focus, her song was still better than anyone else in the class. She's given another chance to prove herself and Maya kicks Zig out so she can start working.