What is the first rule of Big Brother? Expect the unexpected. If for even one minute someone thought they were in control, they need to make sure they are Head of Household and have everyone in their HoH room and on board with their plan. Despite any twists that have happened over the previous seasons, everyone knows that the downfall of your game is by being large and in charge the first few days, even weeks.

Jozea decided to reveal his entire game plan to just about everyone in the house.

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He couldn't be serious. Viewers watched this unfold on Big Brother After Dark as well as on Wednesday's episode. His costume from the Power of Veto competition couldn't have been more fitting for what he was about to do.

By pulling all but a few house guests into the have-not room, he thought he was in control of the majority of the house.  Clearly, he went in the dog house with the majority of the house. Did he even once try to strategize on how to get who he wanted out?

Jozea's downfall

He decided it would be best to just tell everyone in the have-not room meeting what should be done and that was that. Making bold moves has been a major game changer in the game of Big Brother. However, there is a difference in making the move and just running your mouth about the big move. He didn't make bold moves, he made bold statements. Even he stated in his exit interview with Julie Chen that him being "bold" was his "downfall".

Anyone who has watched Big Brother (even just one season) knows that his statement was all to true.

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If Jozea comes back into the house, the viewers may see a very different person. I imagine he will come back into the house very quiet, teaming back up with Paul and running the game as quiet as Derick did from season 17.

With the new twists for this season, it will be interesting to see just how far the control goes with everyone in the house. Control doesn't always work out in the Big Brother house, because lets face it, any house guest has to expect the unexpected. Are you ready for Jozea to come back into the house and try again?