Cher has had a lot of stress recently as she has been taking legal action against a financial management firm who she claims robbed her of $800,000, on top of this she has also been very ill recently as she is thought to be ‘dying’. However, the 70-year-old singer seemed in good health in Saint Tropez where she was seen looking happy and healthy and was enjoying an ice cream with her girlfriends.

The ‘Believe’ singer looked comfy and casual in black yoga pants and an arty white jacket, topped off with reflective sunglasses. The famous singer is no stranger to the South of France as it is somewhere she visits often.

The star was clearly in high spirits as she was smiling and seemed perfectly happen, even joking around and posing with the police officers. There are photos of the singer and the policeman who is posing with his gun, pouting, striking poses and jokily pointing his gun to his head.

Cher puts her illness behind her for a vacation in France

Being by the seaside clearly relaxed the singer and allowed her to take her mind off her legal case with the management firm as well as the issues regarding her health. Cher has suffered from an acute viral infection which was life threatening, she even had to cancel her tour because of it. At one point she had to be put on a heart monitor, which slowed down the workaholic down to the point that she had to stop working altogether.

Despite going low key by covering her face with sunglasses, the star remained recognisable and her outfit, although casual, made her stand out as it was monochrome from head to toe, and the jazzy design of her jacket set her aside from the people she was with. The 70-year-old singer still maintains a great figure and is not afraid to show it off as we can see from the fact she shows off her midriff between her baggy yoga pants and white t-shirt.

The Oscar winner’s real name is Cherilyn Sarkisian, but she is only ever referred to as Cher, her stage name and the name under which she became famous.

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