After revealing his HIV-status in a 2015 interview with Matt Lauer, Charlie Sheen returned to TheToday Showlast week to discuss all the changes he's made since his health revelation, as well as some of his biggest regrets. One of those regrets apparently included 'ruining' the hit comedy showTwo and a Half Men, after his erratic and controversial behavior got him replaced by Ashton Kutcher as the lead on the show.

The comment seemed to be yet another dig at Kutcher, who Sheen was openly critical of after he was replaced. The Anger Managementactor was also famously vocal about his dislike of the show's producers and criticized the show and cast at every opportunity.

In his most recent interview with Lauer, Sheen blames some of these comments, as well as a lot of his famous erratic behavior, on the 'cocktail' of pills he was taking daily at the time. He now claims to be drug-free, minus his treatments for HIV.

Regrets and life changes

Being removed fromTwo and a Half Menwasn't Sheen's only regret about his life before his diagnosis. Among his list of regrets he included "not using a condom" a few times, as well as not being more involved in his children's lives while they were growing up. He is now the spokesperson for LELO HEX, a line of 're-engineered' condoms, and is participating in an FDA trial for a new type of HIV treatment that eliminates daily pills.

After his initial diagnosis, Sheen received criticism for seeking treatment from a controversial healer in Mexico who claims he has a cure for HIV/AIDS. The actor says he was given a myriad of bogus treatments, including being injected with milk from "arthritic goats," and now claims the healer is a "criminal", liar and "charlatan." Sheen went off standard HIV medications while seeking this treatment, and returned to the States after his condition began to worsen.

He credits participating in the medical trial for his improved health and claims the new treatment is the "future" of HIV medication.

Other controversies

Sheen is currently facing several lawsuits from various sources, most recently from women who claim he had unprotected sex with them in the weeks or months before he went public with his diagnosis.

Speculations about Sheen's HIV status had been floating around for awhile before his interview, though he vehemently denied being positive. Sheen says the claims from the women are "baseless" and that he always used protection after he became aware he might possibly be HIV-positive.

The actor is also facing lawsuits regarding back payments in child support for his five children. Sheen also denied being behind on child support, and when asked about his current financial status, said he was doing fine. "It ebbs and flows," Sheen told Lauer, "[but] no, I'm fine."

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