So far this year, at least six bad-boy celebrity actors have ended up behind bars. Their arrests mean that they have joined the ranks of the famous Celebrities who have been busted by the Police. Charlie Sheen, Hugh Grant, and Robert Downey Jr. are just a handful of the famous faces that have posed for their unflattering mug shots.

Love to hate.

Showbiz fans love their celebrity heroesand sometimes become obsessed with them. but they also love to see them taken down for bad behavior. Sheri Dusseault, who writes for the Hub Pages, describes how, “although (fans) love them, (they) almost seem to take pleasure in their misfortune or mistake.” There they are; rich and famous so when they fail fans feel morally superior.

2016 has already had its crop of fallen heroes who we love to hate.

Orlando Brown.

One of the first up this year for a bad-boy award was Orlando Brown. Orlando is an actor who started out as a child actor in Family Matters. The native of Los Angeles later starred as Eddie Thomas in the Disney's That’s so Raven.Orlando was arrested on suspicion of battery, drug possession and resisting arrest on 17th February. CNN reported that he compounded his problem after he allegedly struck someone who was in a relationship with him, by “bringing" drugs "into police headquarters.”

Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

A familiar face, Austin is known the world over, for his role in the TV-series,Pawn Stars. From now on, he will probably be best known for idiotically getting himself investigated for sexual assault.

Back in March, he managed to land up in the Clark County Detention Center after Police found an illegal gun and drugs in his home. Deadline reported that Las Vegas Police charged him with possession of drugs and for the illegal weapon.

Frank Dillane.

Frank Dillane, son of Game of Thrones actor Stephen Dillane, found himself behind bars on the 22nd May this year after he threw out his toys and allegedly assaulted a security guard at CBS Los Angeles.

Being cuffed and investigated on a battery charge must be a big downer for the actor who started his career at the age of six. The star who has been described as having “amazing talent and screen presence” by Bow Street Films, acts in the drama seriesFear the Walking Dead which debuted last year.

Michael Smith.

The actor who plays the part of Bubbles in Trailer Park Boys saw the inside of the cells when he was arrested in Hollywood after apparently committing the Crime of domestic battery. Although he was released on bail hours later after his arrest in April, and there is not much known about the other person involved, it was reported by Canadian press that Co-star Lucy DeCoutere resigned shortly after he denied the charges.

Wendell Pierce.

Pierce who acts inThe Wire ruined his copy-book after he was arrested for an alleged assault on a woman who supports Bernie Saunders. Politics can get vicious, but you would not expect to be involved in a fracas at a hotel with a famous actor. After his arrest, Pierce denied the allegations and was released from Fulton County Jail on a surety bond of $1,000.

Although he is a popular actor, he is also known for his involvement in politics. He was one of PresidentBarack Obama's top campaign fundraisers in 2012and is a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton in the current political campaigns.

Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond made it back behind bars for the second time in May. The actor, standup comedian and movie director was first busted two years ago for pulling out a switchblade knife in a bar in Wisconsin which resulted in a patron being stabbed. In 2015 he served three months of a four-month sentence. His short-found freedom ended in May this year after he was arrested for violation of probation. Nobody is saying how the actor who was best known for his role as Screech on the ’90s show, managed to violate the terms of his probation.

Apart from his current disgrace, he might be remembered for appearing in the twelfth seriesofCelebrity Big Brother in 2013.

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