Justin Bieber has become the centre of juicy gossip that everyone is talking about at the moment, he got his ass kicked after starting a fight, he was knocked out by the man he started on. All of this happened in front of a hotel in downtown Cleveland, where the young man had been in order to attend the NBA finals. At first it was unclear why the singer had decided to throw a punch at this stranger who was nearly twice Justin’s size, but the latest rumours in our tabloids have confirmed what they believe was Justin Bieber’s motive.

Justin Bieber beaten up for an autograph

Online tabloid TMZ has revealed that the most recent gossip everyone is reading about is around Justin Bieber and Lamonte Richmond, a young man from Cleveland.

The man had come out of a bar at around 11pm on a Wednesday night with a few friends and saw the Canadian singer and talked himself into asking the ‘Love Yourself’ singer for an autograph and a selfie. The young artist, who once dated Selena Gomez, had recently announced that he no longer wants to take photos with fans because he feels like ‘a zoo animal’. It seems Justin is getting bored of posing for photos and always being hassled by fans and the press. Undoubtedly fans will not be impressed with Justin's decision as thousands of Beliebers dream of taking a photo or selfie with the star. It was maybe because of this most recent announcement that Justin responded to the fan’s request with swearwords and insults and as can be seen in the YouTube video, the singer even goes on to throw a punch at Richmond, despite the man being a lot taller than him.

Justin’s punch barely hit Lamonte Richmond who pulled a KO on Biebs, knocking him to the ground. The fan has stated that the singer stank of alcohol, something that probably caused the ‘What do you mean’ singer’s overreaction. Lamonte has also revealed that he has hired a lawyer with the intention of suing Bieber. The gossip doesn’t stop there: TMZ reports the words of former US boxer Floyd Mayweather who loved the fact that Bieber was beaten up because he proved that he had guts.

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