Black Sabbath put on a show last night in the Arena in Verona (a show organised by Live Nation) which was their last appearance in Italy, after which they will carry on to perform across the globe until they reach Birmingham in February which is where the band originates from. Black Sabbath are a heavy metal band who’s first self-titled album was released on February 13th in 1970, this day happened to be a Friday which is very fitting as the band are like the parents of heavy metal and so like dark, gloomy and gothic themes, which Friday 13th suits perfectly.

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In actual fact the band members, Ozzy Osbourne (Sharon Osbourne’s husband), Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward were all boys of a poor working class. Their songs were often disturbing, some of them being titled ‘Evil woman’, ‘Children of the grave’ and ‘Sabbath bloody Sabbath’, just to name a few.

Black Sabbath, one of the greatest rock bands of all time

It was essentially Black Sabbath who set the metal rock trend and created the music genre that we know today. Many people consider them to be the pioneers of heavy metal, their success speaks for itself when you look back to 2005 when the band were inducted into the UK  Music Hall of Fame and in 2006 when they were inducted on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In addition to these recognitions the British band also won not one but two Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance. Many people see Ozzy Osbourne as the face of the band, the most recognisable member who is known worldwide and has a very distinctive look, there was a time however when the future of Ozzy’s career was on the rocks as he had a lymphoma which could have permanently seriously affected his career and potentially put an end to it altogether.

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He was also once dismissed from the band in 1979 as a result of his regular drug and alcohol abuse, due to this vocalist Ronnie James Dio replaced him. The band, despite being an arguably acquired taste, were very successful and have sold over 70 million records worldwide and were once ranked 85th in the Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatist Artists of Hard Rock” list.