The latest Batman actor Ben Affleck was a guest on the new Bill Simmons’ HBO show Any Given Wednesday and he gave watchers plenty to talk about. Affleck went on an epic rant that surprised viewers of the new sports talk show.

Bill Simmons’ new HBO show gets surprising debut

The Oscar-winning star appeared on the media tycoon Bill Simmons' new HBO show last night, June 22. If you didn’t already know that the 43-year-old Boston-raised Affleck is a Boston sports fanboy you came away from the show completely informed.The conversation headed to Boston sports and Deflategate and the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's honor.

Since the show is on HBO, people can drop the F-bomb whenever they feel the need without it getting bleeped.

Ben Affleck apparently felt the need a lot during the show. Being almost aggressively passionate and candid about his opinion on the scandal and the NFL’s request that Brady turn over his cellphone to investigators. The controversy that surrounds the 38-year-old quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots seems a very touchy topic to the actor.

Ben Affleckcompared situation to Eli Manning’s game ball preparation

Jennifer Garner's estranged husband compared Eli Manning's weekly techniques to prepare game balls to Brady's alleged role in illegally tampering with game footballs. It is believed that Brady was aware that the team was reducing air pressure in the balls after game officials had OK'ed them during last year's AFC Championship Games.

Simmons interjected momentarily in defense of Manning and Affleck dropped the subject.

Many agree that Deflategate is probably the dumbest thing that has ever happened in NFL history and that Brady's four-game suspension is an absurd overreaction.Aside from the football rant, Ben Affleck talked about his career and that he felt it had hit bottom after four failed Movies and his breakup with Jennifer Lopez.

Ever since directing the acclaimed dramas Gone Baby Gone and Argo, and being chosen as Batman for the movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice he is enjoying a revival of his career.He has been working hard to get back on top, and currently, Ben Affleck is back as Batman and is shooting Justice League, which is slated for release in 2017.

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