America's Got Talent has plenty of fantastic acts every single season. Tuesday night's auditions offered up perhaps the best act to ever grace America's Got Talent's stage. Patrick and his dog Ginger lit up the stage with jaw-dropping tricks that wowed both the audience and the judges, resulting in two standing ovations from Heidi Klum and Mel B.

The audition

The audition went very well for the cute black and white dog.

After winning the sympathy of the America's Got Talent audience with an unbelievable backstory, Ginger and Patrick lit up the stage. To be honest, it's hard to describe just how incredible the audition was until you watch it for yourself.

The flips, the tricks, and the dog himself are all just amazing.

Both the judges and the audience agreed on this. Patrick and his lovable dog Ginger got a Yes vote from every single judge and will be heading to the next round to continue competing for one million dollars. They've definitely won over the hearts of millions of Americans with the performance of a lifetime.

The story

Patrick adopted the dog three years ago and they have since become best friends. Ginger was mistreated by his previous owners and jumped lovingly into Patrick's arms when he first saw him.

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The chemistry between the pair was on full display in Ginger's absolutely fantastic audition. Patrick's background also included a number of difficulties. Ginger helped him overcome an OCD disorder that caused him to struggle with even the most basic of tasks. His OCD precluded him from finding steady work as people refused to be patient with a man who had such limited abilities. Unfortunately, Patrick was driven to the streets, where he had to beg for money.

After Tuesday's audition, Americansall over the world will be begging for Ginger and Patrick to show up and perform for them.

How can people not be rooting for this dynamic duo? A cute dog who was rescued from abuse and a man who's been through the hardest times have combined into one beautiful creation that can deliver absurd performances like this is hard to ignore. There's only one question left now: what will they do next on America's Got Talent?

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