It seems that actress Amber Heard has had a rocky love life, to say the least. It turns out that the actress, who has recently been in the spotlight for accusing husband Johnny Depp of domestic violence, was also arrested for domestic violence in 2009 against her then-girlfriend Tasya van Ree, an American artist and photographer from Hawaii. According to police reports, Heard and Ree got into a loud argument at the Seattle-Tacoma airport in September of 2009. Heard reportedly grabbed Ree and then struck her in the arm, which prompted Ree to contact the police. Heard was then arrested for misdemeanorviolence.

Prosecutors declined to move forward with the case, though they had a 2-year statute of limitations in which to reconsider their decision.

Her case against Johnny Depp

Amber Heard's accusations of abuse against her current husband Johnny Depp have been criticized since they were made public, most notably by friends, family, and former partners of Depp. However, the evidence Heard presented in court, which included pictures, video, and noticable bruising on her face, was substantial enough to award her a temporary restraining order against Depp while she proceded with filing for divorce. Heard claimed Johnny had repeatedly exhibited violent behavior due to substance abuse issues, and had not only destroyed property of hers, but had strangled, kicked, and most recently, hit her in the eye with a cell phone.

She was seen leaving court with significant redness and bruising around her right eye. Screenshots of text messages between Heard and Depp's assistant dating back to 2014 were recently published by Entertainment Tonight, and reportedly show evidence of Depp's abusive behavior. In them, Depp's assistant profously apologizes to Heard for Johnny's violent behavior on his behalf, since Heard will not contact him.

He states that Depp knows he's 'done wrong' against her and 'wants help'. Representatives for Depp say that these text messages have been falsified.

Despite the evidence, many still stand behind Depp, including his daughter, first-wife, and ex-partner of over a decade. All say that it would be completely out of character for Johnny to be violent and believe Heard has ulterior motives behind her allegations.

It's unclear what kind of effect, if any, Heard's past arrest for domestic violence will have on the continuing investigation against Depp.

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