Anton Yelchin was involved in a car accident early Sunday morning. The accident occurred in the Actor's own driveway.Police say that Yelchin's vehicle rolled backward down his driveway, and the actor ended up being struck. Yelchin ended up being pinned up against a pillar and a security fence.Authorities said Yelchin, who stars in the new Star Trek movie,exited his vehicle momentarily. However, they didn't say why the actor was behind the car when it began to roll.Yelchin was found by a group of friends who he was going to meet for a rehearsal.

However, when he didn't show up, the group went around to his house and that's when they discovered his body.

Friends and celebs pay tribute to Anton Yelchin

A number of Yelchin's co-stars and friends turned to social media to pay tribute to the actor. Film producer and actor Zachary Quinto wrote on Instagram that Yelchin was one of the most open and intellectually curious people he has ever known. He also wished Yelchin's family all the strength and love.

Author Stephen King called Yelchin a talented actor that left the world too soon.

Anton was recently cast in the author's upcoming Mr. Mercedes TV series. Another Star Trek star, John Cho, took to Twitter and said he was in ruins over the news of Anton's death. He went on to describe the actor as a great friend, as well as a great son.J.J. Abrams, who directed Star Trek, also took to Twitter to share his thoughts. He described Anton as being brilliant, kind, and funny as hell.

He added that Yelchin was supremely talented.

Paramount Pictures released a statement saying that they were joining the world in mourning over the passing of Anton Yelchin. They said the actor was beloved by many people and he would be missed by all. Paramount Pictures also said they share their condolences with Anton's mother, father, and the rest of this family.

Other Celebrities who extended their condolences include Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick and Chance the Rapper.

Yelchin was born in Russia and he was an only child. His mother and father moved to America when he was a baby. Eventually he dabbled with ice skating lessons, but it wasn't for him and that led him to acting class.

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