The future of television will be on the Internet

YouTube is working to lauch a television service called "Unplugged" on a subscription basis for the cable operators. They are going to offer access to a number of live TV shows, all at a fixed price. The project is one of the priorities of the video giant and itwill be releasedin 2017.The News appeared on Bloombergon Wednesday -- the same day that Hulu announced they will offer a package of TV channels through cable and radio communicationsin collaboration withseveral cable distribution networks.

It seems that YouTube had many discussions with some of the major media companies such as CBS and Viacom, NBC Universal, Inc. Twenty-First Century Fox, but they did not reach anyagreement.YouTube,a unitof Alphabet Inc., Google's main Internet service, plans to capture video subscribers interested in premium content.Unplugged would help bring more premium content on the YouTube web serviceandmobile applications.

YouTube declined to comment on the topic -- informs Bloomberg.Pichai, Google's chief executive, said in a letter to Alphabet owners that they want to offer a wider range of services for YouTubefans -- more ways to connect content creators and many ways for them to generate content.

He added that they have started this new challenge with the building of specialized applications such as YouTube Kids and the YouTube Red subscription service.

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Massive change in TV industry

This decision underscores the massive changes occurring in the TV industry. The TV networks are stealing ideas from their competitors from the technology worldin order toregain their public, especially the youth.YouTube has explored such a service since 2012, but they channel their efforts to launch the service in 2017.YouTube plans to offer a basic package of TV channels at a price of $35 a month -- this way they are going to make capital out of their video content.

This is similar to whatSlingTVdoes. It looks like Apple also planned to do the same after their discussions with media companies, but they gave up these plans.

This television service would be another source of income for YouTube. This will help them leverage the video content. The service will be operating in conjunction with the website they already have whichis supportedby advertising online and with YouTube Red without commercials -- which includes exclusive content and videos for $9.99 per month.

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